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Ow... headache...

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Seems like lately I wake up with a splitting headache once in a while. Doesn't go away until the next morning (evening for you normal people) when I wake up. Thought it might be dehydration so drank a ton of water and now I'm running to the bathroom every 5 minutes. Oof... anyone have any good headache ridding tricks without using drugs?
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You can try that pressure point between your thumb and first finger. It is supposedly an acupuncture site. I know people who swear by it. I'm not sure that it has ever worked for me. Do you know what I am talking about?
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Sounds like you might grind your teeth at night. Go see your dentist and he/she will be able to tell you if you do. If you do they can fit you with a mouth guard that you wear at night on your upper teeth.

I used to have horrible headaches and they lasted all day and night and never really went away, just dulled. I had every test known to man to determine if I had a tumor or something. During one routine visit at my dentist he started to ask me the most bizzar questions about sleeping, waking, headaches etc. It was like he had a camera into my home or something. Turns out I grind my teeth. He made me a mouth guard and the next morning after wearing it the first night I didn't have a headache!!!
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Sounds like you might grind your teeth at night.
That would be my first guess as well. Or maybe you have allergies which act up more at night. Have you tried taking a mild antihistamine before bed and see it that helps.
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For me , when I wake up with an headache it usually because i'm thirsty or I need some breakfast.. Do you eat breakfast on a morning>
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Rub your scalp and see if it is overly tight. If it is, it could be causing stress headaches.
Take the tips of your fingers and rub in circles all over your scalp. After a while it will help loosen the scalp. You can also run your fingers gently through your hair, pulling gently. Not only will this help the tension around your skull and neck, it will also stimulate your hair follicles.
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If it is allergy-related, it could be caused by your pillow or bedding. You might try a synthetic, hypo-allergenic pillow, and be sure to wash your bedding in the hottest water you can, to eliminate all the little dust mites...
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oof... I think I found the problem... my lower left wisdom tooth is acting up. It seems to act up every now and then for a few days (pressure, pulsing, pain) and then goes away, but I never associated my headaches with it. Waiting on this new job (and the insurance that comes with it) to get it taken out... I think I'll go bite on my belt for the time being.
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Oh yeah, that will do it! I have to go to the dreaded dentist to get a tooth pulled next week that is giving me major headaches. The tooth isn't sensitive if it touch it, but it will start giving me headaches for no reason at all. Usually ibupropherin takes care of it. My husband also recommends sucking on a tea will draw the pain out. Is it abcessed? I went through a tooth that kept swelling the gum up with puss and then it went away for a few weeks. I went though that for a couple years. The infection actually pushed the tooth out root and all, and went I went to the dentist, the bone mass in my jaw was down to 25%. They said there was a good chance they could break my jaw when they pulled the other two! Luckily, they didn't, but if you are getting an infection (as in swollen, tender gums, puss etc) definitely get it checked out. It can also get in your blood stream and cause major problems.
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