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Is this normal...?

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I've never seen this before in full term pregnancies.

So this afternoon after I get home from the rescue, I get a call from them saying that one of the feral cats there that is pregnant, has started to give birth.
So I rush over there and spend the next 5 hours over there with her.
She only had 3... but I'm sure more are on the way.

Now... the kittens don't seem to have much hair... at all. I thought maybe they weren't full term.. but I went back and checked files out and dates and whatnot.. and she was full term (maybe even a few days over).

Here's pictures, but it's sorta hard to see.

I have no idea whats up with these babies. They are perfectly healthy.. nice size and everything... nursing and all that.. but they have very little hair. Someone at the rescue thought maybe a mix of a cornish rex or something.. but I doubt it.
Does this happen?
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Looks wet to me - is the coat dry in the picture. I'd almost guess rex too (tho rex kittens have coats - like a washboard when born). I'm sure in a few days they should look better. It could be that the background has some type of very shorthaired cats (like an oriental with a tight coat).
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Nope... kittens were dry.... but they have very very little hair.. I'll try to get a better picture of them later.
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Did she deliver the rest of her kittens yet? If they look normal and only those few have the very little hair, i'd suspect she mated while pregnant and begot herself a second litter of kittens, born at the same time. That happens occasionally. Otherwise, I don't really know what to tell you.
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She ended up haivng 5 in total.. I thought she was going to have around 8 because she was so huge.... but I guess she's just big. Kittens are doing well, they are all nursing. 2 orange/white and 3 grey/white. The dad from what we understand, was grey/white.

I think they are all boys.. but one of them does look like a girl... we'll see in a couple more days when they get a bit bigger.

I'll get those pictures this afternoon.
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It seems like the hair is almost all the way grown in now... they still look like they are missing some hair.. but hopefully it will grow in some more.

Kittens are all thriving except the first born, which is the runt. But we are hand feeding him as well as him nursing, so hopefully he will be alright.

Haven't been able to get pictures yet.. but I'll see about getting some next time if I can remember to bring my camera.
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