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Premade Raw Mixes

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For those out there who feed raw and if you use a premade mix what mix do you use? I have begun to use Sojourner Farms. I also wanted to know if anyone out there grinds the whole chicken bones and all or do you cut the meat off the bone?
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You either have to grind the meat with the bone, or use meat and bonemeal. You CANNOT feed just raw meat, even I believe with the Sojourner farms or you mess up the calcium phosphorus ratios.

How is your cat liking this? Mine won't eat real food unfortunately but I feed real food to my dog, although I don't buy any of the mixes.
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I don't feed premade raw (no such things in my country- yet) but my younger cat does eat raw, I just "fix it" myself. She actually eats chicken wings whole, no need to cut them or grind them, but to get some offal and occasionally supplements into her, I do make a mix of ground chicken wings, various meats and organs for her.

Even though cats most definitely do need the bones, I also feed boneless meat quite often, as there is plenty of calcium in the bones I do feed, I don't believe adult cats need quite that much calcium as she would get if she only got meat on the bone (and the raw meaty bones would be 50/50 meat/bone). The cat has gotten tired of chicken (with bones) so sometimes I feed her more meat, but then I do add some ground egg shells into it. She can also eat the smallest parts of pork ribs, and sometimes gnaws on oxtails (the smaller ones).

I got the cat when she was about 4,5 months old, and I immediately switched her over to raw, no problems with her. My older cat, who has eaten almost only kibble for her 5 yrs, will not touch raw foods no matter how hard I try. And I've tried off and on for 2,5 yrs now, ever since I began feeding raw to my dogs! Cats can be so difficult sometimes.
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When feeding your cats this way, how do you know if you are supplying them with a proper balanced diet? Just curious. I've thought of going this route, but it seems like a lot of research and work would be required to make sure you're feeding correctly, is this true?
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How do you feed yourself, your children, and babies?

We are all under this spell cast upon us by greedy pet food companies that only their overprocessed dried lifeless kibble can give your pet what it needs.

I too had the same issue with homefeeding at first, but was helped through it by my vet (who is also a nutritionist). How on earth can scraps and cheap materials laden with chemicals than dried be better than real food?

Yes it requires a little research. Kymythy Schulze's book is very short and very helpful, especially for cats who don't care for grains.
Dr. Pitcairn's book is amazing. Both of these are raw diets. I feed my puppy cooked, and hope someday to win over the cats to raw or cooked.

And if you are really worried you can buy a mix like above, and it has all the stuff you need and you just add fresh meat and veggies.
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