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Does anyone grow orchids??

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As if I do have enough outdoor plants to tend too.....
In early November I bought a moth orchid (Phal-Mosella) from Home Depot.
Its has been pushing out new buds but I think its finally going to rest. I also have a Oncidium (I think).

But today at the Farmer's Market there was a lady who runs a Orchid shop locally I bought yet another Phal-this one is a compact called Jetgreen Sun-it has small but very pretty yellow flowers and it just starting to bloom.

So had so many cool ones to chose from and also sells unusual houseplants-I'm gonna have to take a trip to her house to check out all her plants.

I think I will hold off until fall though.

What kind of orchids are your favs if you grow any??
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I just love them, but I do NOT have a green thumb or patience. I think they're absolutely gorgeous, though. They're just so perfectly delicate and beautiful. More power to you, Gail.
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Actually the lady said the moth orchids are the easist to grow. I haven't done anything but water. But in the winter since we heat our house with wood the evening temps do get cooler which they like. But if I buy too many I won't have good spots for them to thrive!
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I have trouble keeping my sister's hybiscus alive. Of course, if I didn't water them, they'd either get overwatered (like she tried to do over the winter when they were in the house) or underwatered.. and scortch to death in the Virginia heat.
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DH's grandmother is 98 and still has Orchids in her apartment. She used to grow them as a buisness when she was young. If I remember correctly, she was one of the first memebers of American Orchid Society, and she and DH's Grandfather (who passed in 2002 at the age of about 92) were lifetime members. They grew some rare orchids. One I believe was the Ghost Orchid and it was stolen out of their backyard!!! She spent most of her growing up years in the Palm Beach area. She's a pretty interesting lady....98 and still sharp as could be!
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I love orchids and lillies! I don't have a garden and I don't have any indoor plants either Chynna and Abby tend to treat my plants as snack food, or they dig in the potting soil. So after all of my plants died I didn't bother to get anymore

Show us pictures when you get them growing
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Hi. the kids from our local school are well recognised for there orchid growing, one boy in particular is a friend of my daughter, if you need any info let me know, but I will ask him your question if I get a chance. Check this link though scroll down to article 9 and 13 middle square on the web page.

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I don't have any orchids either because the boys would think they were put there for their amusement! I'd love to see pics, though! You sound like quite the gardener - you should join us over at VF!
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