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Right Food Combination? Kitten/Adult

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Hello. I have a 2 1/2 yr old Female Chausie breed named Chelsey and a Domestic Short/Medium Cross Male 10-12 week old kitten named BlackJack(BJ is short). Anyways..... The problem is feeding both the required nutrients they both need... BlackJack is of course a kitten, so he needs alot of nutrients for a healthy life and a healthy growing but yet be good for his Heart Murmur condition(grade 2).... While Chelsey needs to keep an eye on her weight and to provide a healthy life and provide tons of energy to keep up with her little pal. At the moment I am feeding them a mixture of canned AND dry food... the canned is Merrick's(they LOVE southern delight and the california roll) and the dry is a Purina Kitten Chow.... The combination is 1/4th to 1/3rd cup of dry per half can. The canned, once opened is automatically placed in the fridge with a plastic tubby lid snapped on to lock in freshness. Since it normally takes me 3 to 5 minutes to prep their meals, i just start mixing it together once the opened canned is taken out of the fridge then its mixing time and i usually wait to place the food down after i've refreshed their water(which makes the 3 to 5 minute wait) with fresh water and ice cubes(Chelsey loves to drink ice cold water; PLUS it replinishes the water when the ice cubes melt). I would love people's advice and opinions and thoughts as well as their tips on how i can provide a healthy life for both kitties with such differences in their ages. Again one is 2 1/2 Years and the other is 10-12 weeks old.
Thanks for your Help....
Robyn, Kristin(my 4 1/2 yr old daughter), Chelsey(2.5yrs feline daughter), and BlackJack(10-12 week old feline son).
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A chausie may be fine with kitten food( kitten chow is VERY low quality ) .... I would actually consult a vet due to the heart issue ... IMHO I would likely avoid DRY all together and get a variety of wets
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