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Rut Ro, I left a plastic bag out...

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And this is what Trout does to it:



Now I am worried about her...she loves to eat plastic..and she went to town on that bag

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Oh No Trout...Sev does the same thing
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Wrong kind of roughage, Trout.
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I have a plastic eater, too. I dont know, but a plastic bag just doesnt seem too appetizing to me, but maybe thats just me. Keep an eye on her that she passes it. More than likely she will, with no issues.
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Trout... naughty girl! Isn't Natalie feeding you anything?
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Our RB Nibs was a plastic bag fiend. Had to watch like crazy. He never came to any harm, but it was a challenge keeping them out of his way. He could find one when we were sure they were all tucked safely away.
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Abby loves to lick plastic bags but she's never eaten one before.

I wouldn't be really concerned about her having eaten it though. It's soft and she probably chomped off small bits at a time so I don't think there is any concern about blockages. You will probably be noticing bits of yellow in her poopies though.
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Ferris loves to shred and eat the thin plastic bags from the grocery store - it's the fish oil in the plastic, I think.
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It looks like the same bags cost cutters rb Teddy's fav! He used to hunt bags down that I didn't even know we had lol. Right before he died he got a big chunk but still don't think thats what got him. supposedly bags are made with animal fat. I can believe that cause he only went for the thick bags(and the drawstrings on the garbage bags)
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Now now Trout....I know your Mommy feeds you.You don't need to eat bags,you silly girl.
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Rut Ro's, indeed!!
Doc is the same -- he's a plastic-chewing-shark! I mean, anything plastic:

shrink wrap over water bottles
ziploc baggies
the plastic bag that FreshStep litter crystals come in
plastic dry kibble bags (of course!)
the plastic handles on those huge paper bags of rice
any plastic packaging from any store item
(I'm sure I'm forgetting some...)

EXCEPT the plastic-like, rubbery dental cat chews he's supposed to chew (of course!)

P.S. Once, right after we got Munchie, we left a bag out by accident & came home to find the handles ripped in half! We think that he crawled thru the handle & it got stuck around his waist/ a little skirt & he ran around like crazy until it got caught & tore! (terrible! thankfully, no injuries, ex/c maybe some "PTSD" -- he gets nervous when he hears loud plastic bag rustling: Oh Munchie! --- our first plastic bag lesson )
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