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Question from Holland

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Hello you guys

I am new here and i am from Holland so my english is bad so sorry.

I have question that i have no answer and i hope you help me

I have 2 nice siamese cats and i am loving then much. They are loving me aswell and like not to be away from me ever. I home they come with me in every room and often will urine (right word yes?) if i am in other room and them. I so let them come in all rooms with i.

Problem. I am often smoking the cannabis at my house and it is better for me to keep all door and window closed when smoking. Air is more thick and i get more high and more fun. Problem is my cats are in room with me if not they urine. I think that smoke in the room is making my cats high aswell because they behave in odd way.

Question. Is this bad for my cats and will it damage them? Do cats like the cannabis?

I know that in America cannabis is not allowed but we can smoke in Holland so I am not being law breaking! I wish you guys can make me some help!
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Hi, welcome to the forums.

First your English is fine. And I know what you mean about siamese. They are *very* people oriented. I had 2 for many years and it just wasn't possible to have a closed door between them and me.

I really have no idea if pot (what we call cannabis) is harmful to cats. I hope someone else can help you.

Sorry I can't help, I just wanted to say Hi!
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Well,pot is known to eat away brain cells,so I would assume the effect on cats would be a lot worse. No,it's not good for them....especially in a smoke filled room. It could cause lots of health problems for them,such as asthma. You do have litter boxes available to them,right?
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Cannabis might very well do harm to your cats health so please don't smoke in the same room as them. I found this on the internet:

If an animal presents with an acute onset of ataxia, depression, or recumbency, consider marijuana toxicosis as a differential diagnosis.
The information comes from the article Marijuana exposure in animals by
Caroline W. Donaldson, DVM.

And your English is fine. We're basically neighbours, I live in Sweden.
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About the urinating. Are the cats neutered/spayed? Do you make sure you get the urine smell away when you clean after them?
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I so envy you!

Cannabis has about the same effect on cats as it does humans and presents about the same dangers. They are smaller though so the effect is a bit more concentrated.
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Animals, cats included, do eat marijuana/cannabis in the wild, however, I think that eating it is a lot different from inhaling it. I believe the biggest issue would be for their lungs, and of course, the difference between how much it takes to give you a buzz, compared to how much it takes to drug them. Since they're much smaller, you're putting them at risk, I think.

As far as the killing of brain cells, marijuana does kill brain cells, but so does smoking, and drinking... and while it kills brain cells, at least in humans, brain cells regenerate daily as it's natural for a certain number to die off. I'm not sure how that relates to a cat's brain, but, out of all the dangers of marijuana to cats, I think perhaps brain cells is one of the smaller worries. I'm thinking that you've got a larger problem with potential poisoning.

you might try locking them in another room, with say... their wet cat food, when you smoke, or using a particular room to smoke in, where they aren't allowed to go. I know they want to follow you everywhere, but perhaps you could do something to distract them while you're smoking. The only other suggestion I have is to smoke it outside. I don't smoke (cigarettes) in my house, because I don't want to endanger my kitties. The effects of cigs and marijuana though, are probably completely different, and I honestly don't even know if there's been any studies done on what effects it causes in cats.

Good luck, and how cool to live in such an open country.
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Originally Posted by Sol View Post
About the urinating. Are the cats neutered/spayed? Do you make sure you get the urine smell away when you clean after them?

I believe this poster means they "whine" when she leaves them.
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My cats and dog have been smoking dope second hand for years and it doesnt seem to have affected them too badly. If you live in Overijsell I can help you with private English lessons!!!!!!
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the smoke in itself isnt good for cats. Thus tobacco smoke is harmful. They can get asthma and such.

About marijuanas specifically I dont know much, but Sol did you gave you a link about that.
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hai, i'm an indonesian, so forgive me too if my english is bad...

about the urinating thing, i'll ask you the same question like Sol, did you clean the peed area ? because if we don't clean that area as cleanest as possible ( meaning : your cat-not you still could smell their urine ) they'll just pee again on that area because they think it's their litter box....btw, are they spayed yet? spaying could reduce the spraying thing on pets ( as far as i know :p correct me if i'm wrong )

about the cannabis thing...i never read about the cannabis effect to pet, but logically, if the cannabis could make you "fly", the effect will be double, triple, or even quadraple to your cat, since your cat's body weight is so less than yours, so IMHO, better not smoke in a closed room with your cat...
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Well, wow what a post!! I live in the U.S. and "pot" is illegal here...not to say that many do it. I want to bring up a point about any drugs.
Insome humans ( including me), we cannot do anything, for some reason body chemistry, does not mix well. So pot has some horrible and dangerous side affects. So this might be true in any animal (cats). Just a little thought from a State in the U.S. that has even banned public smoking (cigarettes). Thak God, I am boring i do not do anything, but love my kitties.
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