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Munchkin cats

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I had never seen a munchkin cat until I was looking at cat breeds and I told my mother about it and now she wants one. How much do they typically cost? They are such pretty little things! Are they always with short legs?
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Munchkins are awesome! I'm about 99% set on getting one or two myself. I've seen them priced between $250 and $600, but I suppose that's going to vary based on quality and breeder. There are some munchkins that do not have the short legs gene so they have normal length legs, but are still great kitties. They are found in all colors, and both longhair and shorthair.

There are some super pictures of munchkins SandKats.com, which is the cattery of our very own Sandie and Ken! I'm sure they will be able to answer any other questions you have.
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Never knew there was a registry of AACE. They are cute. But could you tell me are they on the order of Scottish Folds inregards to straight ear verses folded ear. When you mentioned some are of regular leg length?

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Patty, I'm not really sure what you are asking there, since I haven't looked at Scottish Folds as much. Can you clarify for me? I'm surprised Ken and Sandy haven't popped in on this thread, but it looks like it has been two weeks since either of them posted anything. Hope everything is okay.
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All is well with Sandie and Ken because they just moved into their new house and it might be some time before they get back. They were working on the house (painting, Ken and his son doing the cattery, etc.) before they moved in but I'm sure there are still things to do. I will see them this weekend and will let them know that people are asking. As for Scottish Folds they have folded ears. I'm not really sure what this has to do with Munchies but I hope this helps.

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Not that I'm a breeder, but I think I know what the question and answer is. With Scottish Folds, some of the kits have folded ears, some do not. No way to tell how many folded ears you will get before they are born. It is the same with the Munchkin's legs. Some have short legs, some long. Obviously, the short legged ones will cost more since they are the standard of the breed.
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Yes, you are absolutely correct. Some Munchies are born with long legs. You don't know what you will get until they are born.

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Sorry I wasnt totaly clear, but thank you. My question was answered. So on to my next one. I understand the value of the short legged baby is greater. But can you stiil breed back the longer legged baby to a shorter and get more shorter or do you spay or nueter the longer legged baby?
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If I remember right, (Where are Sandie and Ken when we need them?) they do use the long legged Munchins in their breeding program. The genes are still there, they are just recessive in the long legged ones.

Am I insane or do they do the same thing with the Munchies as the Manx, with breeding one "standard" with a "non-standard" so they don't get defects? I know they do that with Manx so that the spinal column is long enough to support the cat (there were too many kittens with defective spinal columns breeding no-tailed Manx with other no-tailed Manx, with the crossing of dominant genes).
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Sorry Guys, we were moving and we did not have internet until now.
As far as the Munchkins go, It is a spontanious mutation that happens in the wild. When you get the short legged offspring, you can breed them to any domestic cat, or you can use a long legged munchkin for your breeding program. The only benefit to using the long legged Munchkins in your program, is to further the generations. The responsable breeders will not use any other pure breed, or inbreed. It's best to keep them true to what they were meant to be. I will admit, the long legged offspring have the same wonderful personality.
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