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Wonder who taught him this

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Scooting the top aside on the butter dish and licking the butter candies out of the candy dish....trotting across the desk and knocking papers everywhere....dropping a bell ball inside a Blue Danube pitcher and trying to fish it back out.....

Just about the time I get to thinking that Freeway needs to take a timeout in a room to himself, he comes bounding onto the chair and zooming up my chest, and then, just tumbles over backward, completely trusting daddy to catch him. And the instant that he stops moving, he nods off to sleep.

How can you stay upset at something like this????

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He looks innocent to me are you sure he did all this What a precious pic
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You know kittens have two speeds. All out and dead stop.

And, no, you can't stay mad at them.
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What an adorable little boy!!! He's definitely a handful - figuratively and literally....
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OMG how precious is that baby!!!!
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Awwww You definately can't say no to that kitten!!!
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Originally Posted by jane_vernon View Post
Awwww You definately can't say no to that kitten!!!

Yup. Nope, you can't. Just can't happen, nuh-uh, nosiree.

You just gotta love him instead.
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Aww, bless him.
Look how sweet he looks...of course they all look sweet when they're sleeping
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That is so sweet! Freeway is getting to be a big boy. Hard to believe he was the tiny kitten you rescued such a short time ago. He looks to be thriving with you and the tribe.
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It is impossible to stay mad at a kitty. They know this and exploit it. We've just learned to live with it.
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hehe, that's soooo adorable! He sure loves daddy
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Such complete peace on the little devil's face. He's just adorable. And the perfect size for cuddles.
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Freeway is such a sweetheart - heck no-one could get mad at that cherub

give him some tummy tickles from us
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I'm gonna use Susan's "oh bless his little white cotton socks!!!"
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You can tell that he knows he owes his life to you and shows you complete trust! What are a few licked candies in the face of all that love?
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Can't stay mad with that sweet sleeping face! Just a fur ball of love!
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