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What do cats do all night?

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I always let my cat out out night because he will get bored in the house. But what do cats do all night outside? They hunt... look for girls ... and thats all i can think of. Do they do anything esle interesting?
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Oliver's indoor only, so I know exactly what he does all nite, haha: sleeps on me, gets up to poo at about 5am then begs to be let out of my room to roam the house.... I try to tell him that mama is not a morning person and he should wait for me to get up to let him out, but so far he doesnt care
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My cats are all indoor only too and they also flop down on top of the nearest human to sleep at night.

But our neighborhood seems to be the drop off point for people who decide they don't want their cats or kittens and they know that we feed them and have them all vet checked, spayed, neutered and given shots.
Sometimes they are even made an indoor kitty by someone here...nobody on this street has less than 3 indoor cats...some have more, we had 4 until about a month ago when our Lizzie had to be put to sleep.

Anyway I know exactly what the ones here do (before we can catch them to have them spayed or neutered )...they fight and scream all night long.
Once they are spayed or neutered the fighting with each other stops for the most part...we do have a siamese who is just down right nasty and will fight just because he can
Dig in peoples garbage cans, get into spats with the raccoons, possums and skunks...that doesn't smell very good
One of our stray babies is a Maine Coon he's a beautiful boy and he likes to swim
Is that a thing with Maine Coon cats?
Do they like water?
Do they like to swim?...just asking in case someone knows the answer.
I don't know if it's the breed or if he's just an odd little man, but he gets in the neighbors pool at least two nights a week, swims around and gets back out.

I'm not sure what your cat might do, but that's what goes on in our street
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mine are indoor/outdoor, but i make sure all are in at night, i wouldnt be able to sleep if they wasnt. and i normally have at least 5 sleeping in the bed with me. and 1 who will stay there all night untill i get up.
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They also enjoy a good fight. The cats in our old neighbourhood would go at it in the middle of the night - quite the sound. All that yowling...creepy.
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