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Does New go with old?

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Hi guys,

Just I bit of advice please, ok here goes

I currently have a very independent 5 year old speyed female cat who likes to be in the same room as us but does not enjoy fuss very much. She won't sit with us etc. She is very well behaved, no scratching/biting of furnature, always goes outside to pee etc, & is no trouble whatsoever.

I am now considering adding a new kitten to the mix & was just wondering what the best course of action should be? Is it best to have a male or female kitten? Will a male kitten spray more because of the existing cat?

Most of all I don't want to upset my existing cat by adding a new kitten.

Any advice or comments would be very useful

Sorry if this has been covered a thousand times before
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In my experience, it all depends on the cat that you have already. She might reject a kitten, but then again, she might take him or her under her wing. If she likes being an only cat, the most you can hope for is for her to tolerate the other kitty. But the maternal instincts might come out and you find her caring for the new arrival. I think you know your cat best to make that call.

As far as a male or female kitten, I don't think it makes much difference if you get the kitty spayed or neutered as early as possible.

Our old Oberon odopted 8 week-old Sparkle. He was like a tolerant grandpa. He taught Sparkle and watched out for her. We were pleasantly surprised!

If you do get another kitty, make sure to read the threads about introducing a new cat. Follow all the steps and you will have a much greater success in integrating a new cat. Two cats can be very nice since they keep each other company while you are gone.

Oh, and getting a kitten is like having a baby in the house for several months. You have to be prepared to give both cats lots of care and attention. Good luck!
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