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20 kittens found in a box at the side of the road

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A newspaper reporter in my area came upon this abandoned box containing 20 kittens a couple of weeks ago. Some were pretty young and went right into foster care before they can be adopted. The next day, the reporter went back to the site and sure enough, there was mama crying for her babies (they couldn't have ALL been hers!!) so she was reunited with 3 at a foster home. All 20 are being cared for and then will go to the SPCA for adoption in a few weeks.
What a story! Sad but at least a good outcome. Makes you wonder how someone can live with themselves, dumping these poor little creatures and leaving them for dead...
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Oh! The reason I told this story in the first place was because there was an update in today's paper with a picture of 5 of them sitting on the stairs of their foster home. They all looked so good and well cared for!
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That is so sad, I don't understand people at ALL...But I am so glad they found the momma cat
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I'll never understand how someone can do a thing like that.
To put it simply they're heartless idiots.
My Grandmother always used to tell me to stay clear of people who say they don't like animals because if someone can't have compassion for an innoccent animal then they don't have a heart.

There's a special place in hell for people who abuse or dump animals and the person who dumped those babies and Mom cat has a nice hot spot just waiting for them.

I'm so glad there's a happy ending to this story.
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How horriffic! I am so glad she found them, they wouldn't have lasted long!
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That is one of my biggest fears in our area. People don't take the time to do what they need to do (spay/neuter) and then they think they can just "take care of the problem" by dumping them off.

They have no heart to even think that the momma would never have been able to handle that many babies. She and those babies would not have had a chance if someone had not found them. I'm so glad that they were found.
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I am glad that there was a happy ending to this story
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they probably weren't all hers. i have seen more than one momma cat adopt the babies of other cats if the momma goes missing. I have seen momma's share babies with other momma's when there kittens have been put into new homes. Momma cats can be funny like that. However one momma could not have taken care of 20 babies, they would have nursed her down to bones!!
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I can't believe there were so many dumped! These people are just a piece of I don't know how they can even live with themselves. I hope they never have children because they will do the same thing to them.
I'm glad that there was a happy ending to the story.
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OMG .....I just don't know how someone can do that and sleep at night.
There is a old saying.......What comes around must go around.... something like that ....Well that person will get there's one way or another.
Glad to hear there is a happy ending ...Thanks to all the Foster families for helping
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