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New Collar

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Just bought my kitten a new collar with a bell on it... Anyway she has tried it on but didn't like it she was trying to get the collar off and she was chasing her bell making herself go backwards into doors and things... I'm going to try it again maybe when she is a bit older
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I reckon generally cats don't like collars! I put a collar on Harry last week and he spent so long trying to take it off again I just took it off myself. We're not planning on letting him outside unsupervised for quite a while yet so we'll have to get him slowly used to it!
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Probably best to let her get used to the collar without the bell first. Can you take it off for awhile?
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I want to get a collar with a bell for my cat as well but im not sure if he will like it or not because it might be anoying for him.
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Oliver took right to his... even wears bandanas occasionally too
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None of my cats wear collars...they would have a fit
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I tried it with Seamus, it took months for him to even let me put it on him. When I finally got it on, he hated the bell so much he ran and hid under the bed petrified of the bell on it. To top it off, he would not let me near him to get it back off. All night, he sat in the spare room and did not move an inch. I was worried so I got up every few hours to check on him because he was so scared, hadn't moved at all. The next morning, he finally let me take it off and was his old self immediately.

So then I cut the bell off and tried to get the collar on him again. He's receptive to me putting it on, but hates wearing it, so I decided it better to just leave him without it since he is not allowed outside. He's let me put bandanas on him and take pictures, and he lets me get the thing on him, which is enough because I can get it on him for vet visits and if I ever wind up with a need to take him out. In general though, he hates the thing.
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Ya, the poor things. I think it's mostly the bell that drives them crazy. Some probably never take to them. I think it would bug me to have something jingling on me all the time!!
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My friend's cat managed to get her claw stuck in the bell she was so determined to get it off. Needless to say they took the bell off after that. After that story I took the bell off straight away!
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I have took the bell off and she seems like her collar.. Thanks for advice all
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Glad to hear it!
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Oliver's never minded the bell so I leave it on for my safety, haha... example: after he gets a bath (which he's getting tonite!) I leave his collar off for that night so he can dry out completely... well, I think he understands that without his collar he's like a stealth bomber - he will hide somewhere, wait for me to be near and ATTACK! Nothing violent, but sure scares the poo outa me! Little bugger... can only imagine what my life would be like if he was bell-less all the time
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Stoli loves his collars, Luxor absolutely HATES collars. he's a danger to himself with a collar on unless it's a beastie band.
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