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Bad Bottling Behvaiour!!!!!

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Well, when we bottle feed our feral 5.5 week old kitten Aurora, she has become very aggressive with the bottle. She scratches at it very frantically while she suckles and fights to push it all the way in to her mouth.. thus causing it to spill everywhere and for her to try to climb the bottle. She bites down one ht nipple really hard and will not let go, and sometimes just starts to swat at it like it was a mouse when she is suckling. Sometimes she does really well (I just have to hold her front feet down) But then she starts in with her back feet and tries to kick it. Her claws are getting extremely sharp, and this is hard to handle. I have what seems like thousands of welts on my hands. And then after this big struggle she can become frustrated (At least that is the only way I can describe it) And she wont open her mouth for the bottle at all. You cannot even pry her mouth open if you are trying to be nice about it.

I realize that if she had a mommy, she would have practically been weaned due to this behavior, but every time we try a dish of soft food, warmed up soft food, softened kitten chow, or just rice cereal and KMR in a dish she absolutely ignores it. OR she will put her head in it (With a little bit of help to get her to realize it is there) and will bulldoze through it only suckling once she has pushed it all out of the way, and she starts to suck on the bottom of the empty areas.

This weekend is my fiance and my 1 years anniversary, and instead of doing anything, we will e sitting at home trying to wean this sweet little girl. I know she has teeth, and she can bite as she often tries to bite my finger while attempting to feed her out of a dish (By tempting her with food on my finger that is) but she acts blind when I put her right in front of the dish, and walks around/through it, looking in to the air and reaching up with her front legs because she is waiting for us to pick her up and bottle feed her instead.

I tried just leaving some in the crate with her at nights, and between feedings but nothing happens. not even a dent. I have tried dished, plates, paper towels, etc to put the food on, but after the first touch she tries to avoid whatever it is to no end.

She is not aggressive like this unless it is feeding time, otherwise she cuddles and rolls around acting all cute etc.

I have tried different flavours of soft food, different softened kitten chow, and just plain rice cereal, or just plain KMR or them both mixed together.

There have been occasions where she will not eat for hours after being frustrated with the bottle. I have ensured the hole is big enough, and not too big either.
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Have you tried putting down a dish of dry food? I had one kitten out of my group that acted the same was as Aurora... she'd throw a fit if we tried to get her to eat the canned food. But one day, out of curiousity, I set down a bowl of dry food and she went crazy... now she'll eat anything she's given.
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We left a dish of Baby Rice Cereal in her crate yesterday when we went to the city, and came back, bottle fed her, and made her some new stuff. Over the night, she ended up eating half of it.. But I don't know if she just suckled it or ate it. She did bounce up in weight over the last 2 days though from 272 to 300 grams. Hopefully the bottling behaviour becomes a bit less aggressive- because it is starting to hurt pretty bad with her freaking' out like a savage with that bottle.

I will try some hard food, perhaps just leave some in there (Like 5 pieces) and then replace them daily to see if any go missing. Thanks for the advice

By the way, Domino looks just like my Aurora, just Aurora is a bit younger, but not too much. Very gorgeous cats you have, bnwalker2!!
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Maybe you could swaddle her with a towel while she is having her bottle. I helped a friend bottle feed a litter, and she had to do that with one that would get over excited like little Aurora. She would swaddle her and cuddle with her for a little while before feeding to get her to relax. It seemed to work for my friend's little wild one, maybe it will help yours.
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I am having that same problem with Mickey! He acts like a savage with the bottle but after a few minutes he will settle down and nurse. sometimes he will eat a little more than usual and sometimes less. I have tried to get him to eat canned food, wet kitten chow , dry kitten chow, baby food chicken,but he ignores. He is completely litter trained, which is amazing for 4 weeks, but refuses to be weaned. Maybe if you hold him gently by the scruff it might help, sometimes I have to do that. It is safe to do that till they are about 8 weeks, from what I have been told. Good luck to both of us!!!!
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Aurora ate out of a dish while we were in the city last night for our anniversary. We fed her before we left, and then put some baby rice cereal (Pretty thick so it didn't go up her nose if she sniffed it) in the dish we always use and left for the day. Came home.. and it was gone! I have no idea, because she will -not- do it around us, but it looks like she is weaning herself for us instead of needing help. Today she is considered 'growing up' so we decided to upgrade her arge dog crate of a home to our entire bathroom. Give her from more room to explore and be a kitten (Although she absolutly adores her crate) we just need to figure out how to give her a bigger litter box. She stands in it, and poops out the side of it, lol!! But the real litter pan is too big for her to use to get in it alone. I am thinking just a cardboard box with a garbage bag in it, and a slit for her to get in through only one path (This is what we did for Mojo) and it should be good. Thanks for all of your advice. HWe still bottle feed her even though she decided to eat out of the dish, but she is way too fiesty to feed about 95% of the time, and then she gets frustrated and will not go near the bottle. Weird kitty. Toodles everyone!!
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