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sterilised but pregnant

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Can anyone give me an idea as to how my one year old cat, who was sterilised in february , is expecting a litter any day now, confirmed with ultra sound so its not phantom!!!
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The obvious: the vet who spayed her f[][ed up. Document this, get your documentation of her spay from February, demand your money back/a free spay/or for them to spay her properly this time.. IMO I would get my money back and go somewhere else. Spaying involves removal of all her internal reproductive parts (except uterus, I think? not sure), who knows what they 'removed' when they 'spayed' her.

I'd also warn everyone you know about the vet who did it... YIKES. (Assuming this is the whole story).

These kittens are going to cost you more than her spay ever will. Good luck with them, TCS members are definitely here for you.
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Spaying should/does include the uterus.

Who did the spay? Did you see the incision site?
If it was done before you got her, there might have been a mixup in the records. Contact the rescue group.
If it was done by your vet, a previous one I assume, I would talk to them.
At the least, you should get you money back.

Once all of the facts are in, you may want to consider reporting it to the State Vet Board, dependng on whether you think it was intential (as in fraud) or a unintended error (don't report).
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Well. everyone's given you great advice. All I have to say, is poor you and poor mama cat.

I hope it doesn't cause complications in the pregnancy and that everything goes alright.
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This happened to member DixieDarlin. Found out later the vet moved out of the area!
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Thanks guys. Iv'e decided to ensure the vet covers the cost of re sterilising Poppet and the costs of the injections for the kittens. Whats pissed me off most is that we had to cancel our holiday as no one wants to care for a cat about to give birth, but I suppose asking the vet to cover the cost of a cancelled holiday is a step too far!!
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Lol, yeah, holiday fee would be a bit much, LOL!

However, you should get them to do the check-up and shots for the kittens for free. They owe you that since it's their fault the cat got preggers in the first place!
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OMG!!!! What an idiot the vet was. Did she have an incision at all? i can't even begin to imagine what they did to mess that up. MY only guess would be they just missed her, but if she had an insicion they might have pulled something out they weren't supposed to. i would have another vet examine her thoroughly and make sure the vet that messed up paid for it also.
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Whoa! That my friend, is crazy! For sure, demand a free spay! Good luck with you kittens anyways!
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I have heard of situations where vets begin a spay, and are then called away to attend an emergency. The original spay is then closed up by another vet and some sort of misunderstanding takes place along the way. I can't think of any other way that this could have happened. Either way, how irresponsible!

Push to get as many kitten-related costs covered as possible. The mother's spay and the kittens' vaccinations are a good start, but there are just so many expenses involved.

What a nasty surprise! Best of luck with the little ones.
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Pleeeeze let us know how this turns out. I have had some bad experiences with vets and would hate to see him (her) get away with this, assuming this is what happened.
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