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Hello, I'm new cat from Taiwan!

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Hello, everybody!
My name is Garfield!
I'm a girl ,3.5 years old,weighted 4.1kg,
My favorite food is Japanese tuna can.
As everyone can see, I have a very beautiful big black mouth, so I can eat every thing stealthily at home without being caught by Mom!
Finally,please forgive my older sister's poor English! She is very stupid.After learning English for so long a time, she still can't use it fluently!
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Wow you are one beautiful girl! Welcome to The Cat Site! You are going to have so much fun here. There are so many cat lovers on this site it's unbelievable! By the way, I am Tasha nice to meet you!

Yay Another new member!
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Hello, Garfield!
I hope you and your older sister enjoy it here!
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What a cutie! welcome to TCS!
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Welcome to the site! What a beautiful kitty you are!!!

I think your older sister is doing very well with her English. It is a very difficult lanuage to master because there are exceptions to every grammar and spelling rule.

I also deleted your other post since it was the same introduction without the picture.
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Garfield, You are indeed a beautiful cat, and I love your black mouth. Tell your sister she uses the English language better than many Americans do! P.S. What is your sister's name? Are there other pets in your household?
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Hi Garfield,

My Ivo looks a lot like you, but she has a white mouth, like she has been drinking milk! Welcome to you and your big sister. Please tell your sister that her English is fine! I have a friend who lived in Taiwan for a while when he was a child, and it's nice to hear from a cat and their big sister from there! I hope to hear more from the both of you!

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Your English is great!!!
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Welcome Garfield !! She's beautiful!!!! I love black and white kitties!
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Hi Garfield, we'd like to welcome you and your sister to your new family. You will soon be very comfortable with the people you find here.
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