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spraying in response to human menstral cycle???

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I have two neutered male cats Milo aged nine (who is my cat and a bit of a mummy's boy) and Wilf aged seven (who is my husbands and a comical ruffian but also quite nervous). Wilf has always been the "underdog". (no children) both spend the day outside (weather permitting) and the night inside(we have a busy road outside)
Until a year ago they have both been good cats except for occasional scirmishes, but then Wilf got a urinary tract blockage and spent several nights at the vet's when he got back Milo acted quite violently towards him. and for several weeks wouldn't go near him without attacking him. Around this time I started noticing bad smells in the house about eighteen inches up on curtains furniture and walls and struggled to keep up with cleaning it up,I assumed that it was Wilf who after all was recovering from a major health scare! but now I'm not sure, it may have been Milo too!
after a few monthsI began to notice that I would just think that I had cured them when it would start again. Then I began to notice that it was always happening when I felt least able to deal with it. then I noticed that my two neutered male cats are spraying (Milo in particular) in response to my menstrual cycle!!! It happens about a week before my period starts and the cats know when I'm due better than I do. They spray in the house for about a week until just after my period begins then stop until next time.
Milo also seems to do it when he doesn't get his way, if we aren't quite ready to feed him when he wants us too or if I tell him off when he beats Wilf up. Although I could just be imagining this. It is Mostly Milo who sprays but I have caught Wilf a couple of times If I see them getting in to position I shout NO and
If I catch them in the act I rub thier noses in it and make sure that they know it is not acceptable, but unless I see it happen I don't know who did it and it seems unfair to punish both so I don't. I have, at the advice of the vet placed a small bowl of cat buscuits at each site of spraying after I have cleaned up, we spray feliway there too and use feliway plug-in in the living room and bedroom where they sleep. but they just start somewere else. because the house smells bad from all this spraying I sometimes don't find each site straight away although I claen up as soon as I do find a spraying site.
To add to the confusion a new litter tray has had to be introduced prior to removing their usual one (some building work needs to be done there) and they are not peeing in it they are both standing in it and spraying at the wall behind. I need to sell my house soon and can not do that when it smells the way it does. Also I don't want it to start all over again when we do move house. please help I'm getting to the end of my teather and am even begining to consider having Milo put down Which would break my heart but I can't see any other way
Thank you in anticipation of you saving my baby's life (I'm crying buckets as I write this, I'm so desperate)
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Hello and welcome to the site

I am sorry you join us with such a tricky situation and I am sure there are some better solutions than the one you are considering.

Its all rather strange as cats that have been neutered don't normally have smelly spray or at least the smell is greatly reduced. Rubbing your cats nose in it is not a good course of action as they do not understand punishment - I think this is about territory.

It possibly all started when you took your first cat to the vets, when he returned home he will have had a different body scent and this unsettled your second cat and he started spraying to defend his territory.

Check this TCS link it may give you some ideas that you can try

Well I am sure you'll sort the problem - keep us posted !
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I'm sorry to hear about your situation. I don't want to sound negative but.........
Neutered cats do not spray UNLESS they started BEFORE being neutered, and unfortunately is something you can never get them to stop. (this is in my own experience, my mum's and a lot of friends). Spraying in response to your cycle will be because, they are sexually mature, even though they don't have their parts anymore they still have the urges. Cats have the ability to sense such things even if your not a cat. Some vets, although not all will suggest/recommend what you have been contemplating.
I can think of only 1 solution to avoid the worst situation. that is to make the outdoors cats, giving them all your love and attention outside, same with feeding etc. Oh another thing, if you had them neutered at a young age, then I would say the job was botched. I had an adult cat given to me, I was told he was neutered and he had nothing behind him, but a visit to the vet, to have him checked for any illness, told us a whole different story. I don't know who the people were that gave me him, just knew I would adopt and give him a good life, thats why he went to the vet in the first place.

Someone else may be able to offer you a better solution, I hope they can, because then I would learn something new.
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Originally Posted by mooficat View Post
Check this TCS link it may give you some ideas that you can try
Well I am sure you'll sort the problem - keep us posted !
....Some expert can help you in this forum..
I´m so sorry about it!
Hola y bienvenido a TCS, ...Catulina y Milky te saludan!!........
(Translate: Hi and Welcome to TCS, Catulina and Milky say hello to you!!!...)

See you on the forums!
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I am sorry you are having this problem, but please don't rub their faces in it. It will make the problem worse and make them afraid of you. You seem to love your cats very much, and having them afraid of you would be a shame. I am no expert in this matter, but like the previous poster said, there are several experts on board that will be glad to help you as soon as they see your post. I hope you can work it out for the good of you and your cats.
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Thanks for your support everyone

The spraying isn't very smelly just smelly enough, more than one patch and you begin to notice, and if you come into the house from outside it hits you!

The cats were "done" at about six months old and have had several check-ups with three different vetenary practices since then, surely one of them would have noticed if the job hadn't been done???

Both cats have sprayed in the garden for several years (we get a local fox in the garden most nights) but until last year they never did it in the house so it wasn't a problem.

Please more ideas!
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someone did post a similar question a while back, i cant find it now , but i do remember someone suggesting getting a towle rub it all over the cats especially the face. then rubbing it over the areas that they are spraying. this might work to a certin extent. but this will only work if the cats arnt trying to mark their terrotorie aginst each other.
welcome to the site.
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I hope you can get some help here with your problem
Spraying in the garden is normal, they are just letting all the other cats know that it is their place, Tolly re-marks every morning especially if the foxes have been in the garden over night.

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