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Good Toothpaste For Sensitive Teeth?

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My dentist gave me a sample of G.U.M. Sensitive. It's like brushing with grit and wet chalk. Anybody have suggestions for a good one to try?
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I use Sensodyne. Have for years and it works great. Without it you could peel me from the ceiling because of my tooth pain from hot and cold and acidic foods.

I use the top one in the image at this link:


I tried their Whitening Plus Targer Fighting one too and it was alright , but I prefer the green box one.

Here is their site that talks about the various types that they have:

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Thanks! I do remember now my dentist said something about "F". Guess I should have paid more attention. I stopped listening when he said he had a free sample for me.
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I had my teeth whitened so my dentist told me to use sensodyne which is ok!.
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I used to use Arm & Hammer, a whitening one I think it was. It worked great & didn't taste terrible.
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I get my toothpaste from the dentist, it is RX Control and is a flouride toothpaste for sensitive teeth/gums. Costs $12 for a little tube, but it's the ONLY thing I can use anymore.
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I have found that Sensodyne-F is the best one I have found. I grind my teeth badly so have had problems with sensitive teeth for years. I have tried several brands during that time and I noticed an improvement with the sensodyne within a few days.
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the best thing I have found is Crest pro health rinse .... and Jasons health mouth toothpaste ...
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Colgate Sensitive in the pink pump works for me!
Sometimes it really hurt to brush my teeth but not anymore
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