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cough after procedure

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My 3.5 months old Abyssinian kitten had a spaying surgery last Tuesday.
When I brought her home we noticed she can not mewing well and when she drink water she stoops and do coughing for 20-30 seconds. but she still very active and do playing. I called vet and vet said there is a virus in cat's body that sometimes become active after such a surgery. Vet gave me a red liquid (antibutic) and said infuse 0.7 ml of it once per day to kitten mouth and do it for seven days.

I want to know if the VET is correct and there is no mistake in the surgery?

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My cats have never had any problems like that after their spaying/neutering, so I can't really help you. I know someone on here must be able to help you better. All I can tell you is you can try calling another vet and here is opinion about it.

I hope your kitten feels better soon.
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Radar had a sore throat for a couple of days after his neuter/hernia repair surgery, due to having tubes down his throat. He didn't have a cough, but he did lose his miaow and was drinking frequently. It was just irritated and cleared up by itself

I don't think it's something that every cat experiences, but one of mine certainly did. It's very unlikely to be a surgical mistake, and any type of stress can cause a dormant virus to become active so the physical stress of surgery can affect the cats immune system.
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Thank you for the replies.
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