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I know I promised you pics but...

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I know I promised several of you some pics of all of my cats and I must apologize I haven't done so yet. There is a very good reason for this.

My son, who as some of you know is the one who I just told you about that delivered his cats kittens himself, had a wreck on our 4-wheeler yesterday and is thankfully ok, but he's pretty banged up and I have been taking care of him. I will get those pics I promised to you, you have my word.

He is fine though, so don't worry. The lady that seen it and called the Ambulance says he flew about 15 feet or more in the air one way and the 4-wheeler in the other direction, thank god. and he landed about 35-40 feet away from the initial accident. He has a sprained elbow, ankle and wrist, and his face is pretty beat up as well as his chest, knees and he has road burn over a good portion of his body, but miraculoously, he had no real damage to cause concern. He does have a piece of a bone fragment that broke off on his foot and is moving around in there, and we are hoping it isn't going to cause any problems.

If ever a child had a guardian angel, I think this one does, the Drs and everyone involved say by all rights, he should have been extremely hurt, but he wasn't.

But I just wanted to let you all know, I did not forget and I will be getting you pics in the next day or two, after he is not in such need of my full attention.

Here is one to hold you. This is Styles, he thinks he owns the place and life should be ALL about him. He loves Coke Boxes..... I barely get the last coke from the box before he declares it his and he's just about to get too big to fit into them anymore. lol

He is my first ever Himalayan, he is a Blue Point and he definitely thinks the world should revolve around him. Does it show? Look at that snooty face. lol

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Yikes, I am sorry to hear about your son - is he okay? It must have been quite a shock.

Your Styles is so beautiful!
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aww hun phewie - what a terrible thing lots of get well soon ((((((vibes)))))) coming over from Spain for your precious boy ! and some soothing (((((vibes))))) for you and your family

and hey ! we can wait for photos no worries !
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Oh my...Thank God your son is okay, I hope he has a quick recovery.

I LOVE Himalayans, Styles is GORGEOUS
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donĀ“t push yourself! firts is the health of your family!

((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
Vibes for a soon recovery of your Son!
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