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I'm a barefootin' fool.

I wear sandals to the office, then take them off and go barefoot all day, then put them on to go home, then I go barefoot all night.

My tootsies can't STAND (ba-dum) to be locked up in socks and shoes. My feetsies need to be NEKKID!!!
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Originally Posted by SwampWitch View Post
For those of you who ask your guests to take their shoes off, do you give them socks or slippers if they were wearing sandals? Do you wonder about catching something like Athete's Foot or Plantar Warts?
Nope, those sorts of thing need the right environment to grow, moisture, warmth, time and food. All the would have had at my apartment was time.
If I walk into someones house and they tell me not to worry about, my shoes when I go to take them off I just feel weird. Its not normal to wear shoe's inside.

But hey thats just me. And you know for me its a different culture thing, if you want to fully immerse yourself, you need to participate in such things, even if its outside your comfort zone.

My guests never had a problem, maybe due to respect or that it doesnt take more than 30 seconds to take your shoes off or put them on.

Don't know too many people that wear sandals, (without socks anyway)
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I always take them off, I LOVE to be barefoot!
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My shoes go flying as soon as I walk in the door each night.
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I usually do because I am always going somewhere.
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I just can't walk barefoot... I never could... I find it uncomfortable... but I do change into slippers when I get into the house...
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I take mine off! I love to be barefoot! I prefer to wear slip on shoes so even at work I can slip them off at my desk. I've just always loved being barefoot. Except outside that is! I don't like walking through grass barefoot!
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We also have hardwood floors so I don't wear my dress shoes in the house - too noisy for one thing. Hubby and I both have moccasins that we wear indoors and leave our outdoor shoes at the front door. My dress shoes of course are in our bedroom.
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Prefer not to go barefoot. My arches need support.

My guests never had a problem, maybe due to respect or that it doesnt take more than 30 seconds to take your shoes off or put them on
Guess I would be an exception then...
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Originally Posted by laureen227 View Post
i don't clean them as often as i should so they're dirty. but usually some type of slipper at home. in the winter, the floors are cold, too.
I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't clean as often as I should!
Still, when I come home, the shoes come off. It seems to be the norm here, and in NZ too. In summer I live in sandals, and they're the only footwear I'll wear inside, along with slippers of course.

Originally Posted by icklemiss21 View Post
I hate wearing shoes so they come off immediately but while it is the norm here and everyone takes off their shoes, I have never asked anyone (except the landlord who tracked dirt across my freshly washed floor)
Grrrr....One day I mopped the floor and then left. I came home to muddy footprints everywhere, and yelled at DH . It turned out to be the landlord. How rude! Geez, I was ticked!!!
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I usually take my shoes off when I come in. I like to be comfy and curl up in my chair. We don't have any rules with people leaving them on or taking them off. Doesn't matter. I have a nice layer of dog and cat fur that protects my carpets!!
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I prefer no shoes, so I rarely have them on. I've never requested guests to remove their shoes, though.
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I don't wear shoes in the house...Since I live in a basement apartment, people don't take their shoes off because its not nice enough to them
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I make people take them off, I get mad when they don't because they track everything in & I hate cleaning up after random people. I always take mine off too.... I dont wanna clean if I dont have to
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Brad and I take ours off as soon as we come in from the garage. Nice to have an attached one that has a door to the inside so we can get out of the car and go right in. If I can, I sneak my shoes off in the garage and carry them inside to the shoe rack. I hate shoes and try not to wear them anymore them I have to.
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I dont most of the time because I like to be barefooted. I only wear sandals during the summer so I can easily slip them off if Im not at work, in a store or a restraunt. I really hate wearing shoes.
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My father would never allow any of us to own slippers - for some unfathomable reason he thought they were a sloppy habit! It was not till I went to Bosnia that I met a culture where no one ever wore shoes indoors, in their own or other people's houses. Every visitor is offered a pair of slippers or woollen slipper socks - long or short, according to the weather. And houses seemed much cleaner as a result. So it is a habit I gladly adopted and have continued here - even more important in the country, where mud is the order of the day. At my parents (until recently, anyway, as he is now too ill to notice), my father would admonish me for taking my shoes off. But then he is someone who every day of his life, even now, puts on a tie and jacket with hard polished shoes!
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We always take our shoes off when we come in, more because we can't wait to get out of them after being in them all day, I usually wear slippers, flip flops or put a pair of socks on.

I don't really get visitors that much, but when my brother and his family come round they automatically take off their shoes, I don't mind if they didn't as I have a door mat outside and another in the porch, also I have wooden floors and we're always washing them anyway as the cats always leave prints or some sort of mess.
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I never wear shoes in my or anyone else's home, no one in Finland does, it's considered very rude here. I love walking around barefoot.
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I prefer to be barefoot in the house during the summer and wear slippers during the winter. Most people seem to remove their shoes when they come in my front door. I have a hardwood entryway floor, and they usually take off their shoes before stepping onto the ivory livingroom carpet. I never ask them to remove their shoes, but maybe they do because they see me barefoot or in slippers. I will putter around in the kitchen (laminate floor) in my shoes, but usually take them off before walking on the carpeting in the hallway or livingroom. Most people will also leave their shoes on if they come into my kitchen....and like me, remove them at the hallway/livingroom carpet.
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I wear my shoes all day, my feet get too cold, and I hate stepping on things.
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The problem with taking your shoes off in other people's houses is that if you're wearing trousers (and I don't do skirts) they're too long when you take your shoes off and you trip over them! I always wear heels as I'm short so I don't appreciate having to walk around without a bit of extra height!
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