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All Worn Out!

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I just had to share my evening with Peedoodle.
We have been playing and playing all evening and I am just plum worn out.
We chased each other up and down the hallway and he goes and hides under the chair which has our coats hanging on it so we cannot see him. I tiptoe to the living room and pretend that I cant see him and when I tip toe out of the room he zooms out from under the chair and chases me all the way down the hall. Then it is my turn, I hide in the bedroom behind the door and he tries to stalk me and I jump out at him. then its back to hiding under the chair and chasing me. Its like a cycle, chasing each other back and forth, but I have to say, it is exercise which I really need LOL. I guess you could call Peedoodle my personal trainer
I just hope he wont tap tap tap on my shoulder in the early hours of the morning - he wakes me up by tapping my shoulder/back.

I just had to share this, I really enjoy my time with Peedoodle. He may be a little crazy but I love it LOL
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You might want to re-think being the pursuer in this game. Though it seems to you to be a good time, you are turning (in your cat's mind) from friend to predator and over time, that *could* turn against you and cause you to lose the trust you and Peedoodle now share.

Instead of pursuing Peedoodle, take a long piece of string, put a clip on the end of it, and tie one of Peedoodle's toys on the other. Clip it to your belt loop and walk through the house at a quick clip and let him play with you that way, let him pursue you.

I just recall too many times when cat owners have played these type of games with their cats only to find out how it can turn sour over time and cause the cat some stress as well as you.

Peedoodle does sound like quite the character though and none the worse from whatever residual effects he had from his previous owner. I am not trying to hurt your feelings or criticize you for what you are doing, so I hope you do not take it that way.
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No, you havent hurt my feelings, I was not aware that could happen and I appreciate you telling me. Thanks! I will try that belt trick that you suggested. I am always open to suggestions, because I want to make sure I do the right thing by Peedoodle.

Right now he is making it difficult to type as he is sitting on my hands and licking them LOL
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What other games do people play with their cats?

Alf and I play football in the hall (I always let him win!) with some of those jingle balls, but Ronnie always wants to join in - how can we let her play when she doesn't understand the off-side rule?

Hissy, I will also be trying the belt trick over the weekend - sounds like a good game!
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I do this when I clean my house. I usually have 6-8 cats in hot pursuit! LOL It motivates me to clean faster!

I made a toy for the kittens that is really basic but they love it. I took an big plastic jar lid and drilled one hole in the center and several holes in the sides. Using fishing line (heavy) I tied lightweight and medium weight toys to the edge of the lid. I put a swivel hook in the center and we hung it up on one of the archways so that it hangs down just almost our of reach of the cats if they stay on the ground. To *play* they sit on their haunches and bat at it with their paws causing it to spin and twist, like a tether ball for kitties. They love it, and it was oh so cheap to make. Of course people who visit love to watch the kittens at play and even the older cats will play with it when they think no one is watching!
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Ronnie's favourite toy at the moment is the "frou-frou", a feather duster, which she kills. Her second favourite toy is the fishing rod - a garden cane with string hanging off one end, with whatever cat toy is to hand tied to the end of the string.
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Abby's Site
Our Abby Cat loves to sleep on top of my head...it's the weirdest thing!! She waits until I'm asleep (or she thinks I am anyway) and then curls herself around the top of my head.

This is EXTREMELY warm! I usually end up waking up hot with a purring cat on my head. What a freak she is!

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Snowball has a long thin rope he likes to play with. I stand in one place and move the rope back and forth, and Snowball goes into a crouch, he watches the rope end very closely and then chases it. When he catches the end he just holds it down and then I wiggle the rope until I gradually get it free. Then he chases the rope end again...

He really gets excited and seems to go into a predatory mood when we do this.
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