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First giardia, now fleas!

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And they were treated with Revolution exactly 2 weeks ago!!

I just paid a fair amount of money to treat a couple of my cats for giardia cuz the foster kittens have it. Now, I find A FLEA on the fosters!!!

I'm gonna have to quit fostering because it costs me a small fortune every time I bring one home to treat my animals.

And I still don't know where to find Diatomaceous(sp?) earth to treat my home. I'll have to get Revolution/Frontline for my 6 housecats....then get Frontline from the shelter for these two now that they are old enough. IF I can't get the DE, I don't know if there are any in the house or how to get rid of them!

There goes vacation fund $$!
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Try a garden shop for the DE - they should carry the stuff. And someone in here had success with simple table salt in the carpet/furniture. They sat a bowl of salt on the floor and apparently it was full of fleas by next morning.
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I got a 4 pound bag I think it was of the DE at our local gardening store. I went into three stores and asked for it and they all looked at me like I was crazy... the woman in the last store actually knew what I was talking about!

Also, look into Capstar. Here it costs $2.50 a pill for the cats. The Capstar makes the fleas die and fall off immediately... don't let the cat on your bed or anything because you'll literally have a pile of fleas where the cat was laying. It works for 24 hours, and then you can apply the topical stuff.
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They aren't loaded, I've only seen one. But, Paprika, who went home Tues, her new owners said she had a flea. I assumed she picked it up from the shelter. I have never seen a flea in my house....

If I only saw one flea, should I go ahead & look everywhere for DE to treat the house? I plan to comb these guys & I've had them for 2 weeks & never seen any fleas.
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the new owners might have already had fleas in their house if Paprika didn't have them when she left your house, that's what I would guess, that or the shelter explanation
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