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Ditka got his vaccinations today & some worm medication...he doesn't seem to interested in food & water now...

Is this normal?
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It's pretty normal for them to feel a bit out of sorts for a day or two after vacs.
Just keep an eye on him, though he should bounce back by tomorrow.
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thanks :] The Vet said he is very healthy and looks good, but I just worry about my little guy. When he meowed durring his shot, I almost started crying!!

With this worm medicine, if he does have them, when should I expect to be cleaning worms out of the litter box?
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You may never see the worms, but it's always been recommended to me to dump the box and thoroughly disinfect it the following morning and then again the morning after that for safe measure.
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Thanks, I wouldn't have known that. Im just waiting for a bowel movement, but since he really hasn't eaten much today, there really isn't much to clean up.

Besides the vaccinations, the vet also cleaned off what turned out to be a small scab from a very superficial wound he had on the bridge of his nose. She said it was no big deal, just got it from something before we got him (not even two weeks ago).

After she cleaned it, it got a little raw so she put an antibiotic powder on it. It doesn't seem to be bothering him at all, but is there anything I should do to take care of it, whether it be just wiping it gently with soap & water, or going as far to put a very small amount of anitbacterial gel on it?
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If it's small and doesn't seem to bother him or to be infected, I'd just leave it alone and keep an eye on it.
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