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I was a wondering....

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Abby's Site
I was wondering if it would be considered "spam" if I were to post an update of how our site is doing? I don't mean it as an advertisement, just really proud of the site.

(we are the ones with the site helping with vet bills)

- Abby
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I do apologize if I posted this in the wrong place!
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I would love to hear updates on how it is going! It is such a great thing that you are helping people with helping animals. Please dont apologize, if there are any news, I would love to hear all about it!
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I'm glad you posted so I could learn about this! What a wonderful idea and beautiful cat! I've got it bookmarked now!
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No, I wouldn't consider it spamming at all!
I just went through your whole site. You're doing a wonderful thing for pets and their people!
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Ok, I will give the condensed version of how we came about setting up our site.

We adopted a cat from our local Humane Society. A week after adopting her she was diagnosed with two tumours. Which cost us a bundle. Luckily, we had the money to pay for her surgery. But what if we hadn't? This gave us the idea to see if we could get people to donate money that we could then give back to people that had encountered a situation like ours.

Our expectations for the site weren't all that high, seeing as we were relying SOLELY on the donated money for funds. The first week the site was up there were a total of 13 visitors!! It sure seemed as if Abby's site was going to flop.

It was as if a switch had been thrown, the number of people finding the site doubled, then tripled! By the end of the second week, enough had been raised to help the first person.

Now, just over one month since we started Abby's site we have raised and given away almost $300!!! We have had visitors from nearly every state(doesn't anyone live in Nevada?), Canada, Europe and Australia!

We never dreamed that our little idea would touch so many people in such a positive personal way. It is a really good feeling to help other people.

Anyway, that is what's up with the site, we just wanted to pass along a great big thank you to everyone who has helped with support and ideas.

Merry Christmas!

- Abby Cat
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