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litter box play okay?

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my five week old has taken to the litter box quite well after some gentle prodding the first two days i had her. she never misses, always uses it, etc. after she eats, she gets a little burst of energy and goes crazy. sometimes she will go into the litter box and roll around and chew the box and bat around the litter a bit. it's not affecting her use of it but i'm wondering if this is a bad habit that could lead to bad behavior in the future? should i gently take her out or just let her go nuts if it's harmless fun?
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% weeks? Wow! That is very young for so much interaction, even with litter! Yet it is often a stage young kittens go through between mom and litter box. Just be sure to keep her privates clean,so young they often need assistance with this, and the litter clean, but it will become a thing of the past for her soon.....!
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It is pretty normal.

You might want to get her some toys and when she plays in the litter you can distract her with the toy. Feather wands would work great to redirect her attention.
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also, at 5 weeks old she may try to eat the litter so do not use clumping clay litter until she is much older. It is more work but you don't want her to get impacted from litter if she eats it. Using something organic like S'wheat may be ok. All of my cats as kittens thought the litter box was a fun play toy - I think it is pretty normal.
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