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Show Cats Update

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As a follow-up to the "pick a favorite" thread I posted awhile back, I took these new pics of this season's contenders. Jasper was so tired, he kept falling asleep, so I'll have to post pics of him later.

Here are the other 3. I'm really happy with the way they are developing. Tuscany is still my favorite. I think her overall look is awesome. Cypress is a huge lovebug, it's hard not to give him whatever he wants and his rosettes are amazing. Sierra has a totally different exotic look that I really like and her pelt feels like silk.

Their first show is in about 2 weeks. It'll be fun and interesting to see how the judges rank them.

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Tuscany has great spots! Sierra's eyes are mesermizing. Cypress has a different face....looks like trouble I see in those eyes!
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They are all beautiful but Sierra is still my favorite but I am certainly no expert.
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I like Sierra, the eyes have it.
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i still like Cypress the best, myself.
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They really are absolutely stunning- Lucky me gets to meet them!!! How old are they? Are they from the same litter? Who's mom and dad? Goorrggeeeooussss
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Originally Posted by Leslie301 View Post
They really are absolutely stunning- Lucky me gets to meet them!!! How old are they? Are they from the same litter? Who's mom and dad? Goorrggeeeooussss
Thanks Leslie!

Cypress and Tuscany are litter mates. They're just a week shy of 4 months now. Dad is Arctic Cowboy and Mom is Spellbound.

Sierra is almost 5 months. Dad is Arctic Cowboy and Mom is Jungle Jewel.
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Well they really are beauties.... very exotic looking. I can't wait to see their sweet little faces in person! I feel like I should get their autograph. Now I know why cat shows are so exciting. You get to meet so many beautiful kitties I can't wait.

You really do have some gems on your hands! You will be breeding these kitties in the future, I presume?
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Nial, I have a very strong feeling those guys/gals are gonna be splitting rings and you will walk out of there still totally confused!
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IMHO - Sierra but I also agree that you'll be splitting rings!!!
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They are all amazingly beautiful, but Cypress does it for me.
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I do like Cypress markings better. I think another member has a color I like, the Bengal is named Nikita, she is beautiful, I love her color, but the green eyes of Sierra are remarkable. Sierra is a big girl already, I hope you knock the judges socks off with these guys, just beautiful!!
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I'm pretty much ok with them splitting rings in this first show. I'm purposely entering all 4 of them to see which 2 do best of the four.
I won't be showing all four the whole season.
I didn't expect to have 4 show quality kittens for this season and we've got 2 more litters due shortly where we expect more show stoppers.

Might have to start flipping a coin.

For this upcoming show, I heard there are going to be about 14 bengal kittens competing. That's a big kitten class. My cats may not even make top 3 of breed.
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I love how strong Arctic Cowboy's looks have come through with Cypress and Tuscany, they have such a gorgeous contrast between the light coat and the big dark rosettes - and the look of innocence in their faces. Beautiful.

And Sierra's eyes!!!!! She definitely got her mum's looks!!!

Good luck with the upcoming show, can't wait to hear how they go.
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I'm in love with that face on Cypress. His muzzle looks amazing and wild. I like the big flashy rossettes on him too. I love the clarity in Tuscany's coat though, and she's got a nice face too. My vote is torn between the two. I like Sierra as well, but I guess for showing the rib bar might take a few points off. Those eyes though! WOW! Actually, his eyes remind me a little of Hopes Simba. Good luck with the shows Nial!
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