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2 cats...4 moving in

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My gentleman friend has moved in. He and his now adult children have 4 cats. I have 2 cats that I got from him as kittens (one year apart)..... (he was having a cat explosion... now EVERYONE is fixed)
Anyway, we a preparing to sell his home and move his cats to my house. I am extremely stressed about this. Edie is my 2+year old cat, I got her a year before Randy (my old cat) passed away, then 6 mos after he was gone I brought home Lou. Edie was quite upset and angry, grrrr, about Lou for 6 weeks.
I have read how to introduce a new cat... but not how to introduce 4 cats!
I have a collie that is familiar with all of the cats. My cats like him, Lou lies with him on the floor and kisses his face. The other 4 cats tolerate him, not overly friendly with him, but not bothered much by him.
What to do with the 4 new cats?
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I haven't had any experience with cat introductions, but wanted to wish you luck!! I'm sure people on here will give you great advice.
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Wow! What a situation, haha
Well first off, congrats on all the new additions... sounds like your home will now be buzzin'!

I see you've read up on how to introduce cats... hopefully, you've got a spare room available... cuz I would suggest (ideally, haha) keeping the 4 "new" cats together in a room for awhile just like you would when you bring a new kitty into your home... this way the new cats aren't overwhelmed with their new house and your resident cats dont immediately feel like they're being over-taken... I'm sure the cats won't be super friendly right off the bat, but eventually everyone should settle in with gradual introductions (it would also help to occasionally put your animals in a room and let the new guys explore and leave their smells around)... I'm sure it will be hectic, but hopefully eventually everyone will at least be able to co-exist

Oliver and my 13 year old black lab are by no means best friends, but they tolerate each other and co-exist just fine... this took a bit of time: Oliver was first confined only to my room and would hiss and growl at the dog whenever she wandered in... then I'd start letting the cat downstairs on his leash for little bits of time while the dog was outside.... smells got exchanged, he got used to the house, etc.... so just remember to be very patient! and good luck!
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hmmm.... We had thought that we would bring them over one at a time...?
I like your idea of all 4 at the same time. Perhaps that could cut down on the recovery period, no sense in spreading out over time. I believe we are in for a long ride as it is. Also, it might not be as stressful for the 4 if they are together.
Patience and luck...
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Yeah, I would think keeping the 4 together would make things less stressful for them... theyre used to each other and they should be a comfort to one another rather than wondering what happened to tehir brothers\\sisters.... and also yeah you can kinda get it all done at once
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I would seriously invest in some very large dog crates or some kind of portable cage (the ones that ferrets are sometimes in work well. OR designate one room in your house for the 4 cats to stay in while you slowly introduce them.

Good luck.
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wow, I only got 1 cat and 1 dog at home, sometimes i just dont time to take care of them, how u gonna take care all 6.
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this is a good question!
I count on my dog, he is a herding dog. (collie and border collie mix)
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