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Max & Ashley

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oh my ! what precious kitties you have

I am sorry I dont know which is which but the eldest looks a real fluffykins and your kitten is a sweetheart
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Yes I am sorry, Max is my long hair who is 5 years old and Ashley is my short hair who is 12 weeks Max is my love bug really laid back and always wants to cuddle were as ashley is on the go, go ,go playing or passed out sleeping........LOL ( kitten faze )
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I just love the first one! Kitty kisses, is there anything cuter?!
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Awwww...they're both beautiful, but Ashley really ought to come with a cuteness warning!!!
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Sweet babies
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The first picture is my favorite as well ,I made it my wallpaper
Thanks for all the compliments
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Awwww What beautiful babies!
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Adorable pictures, I really like the last one, it's priceless.
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they are both beautiful
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Very cute kitties.
Love the picture of kitten in box
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Max and Ashley say Thank You for the nice complements
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