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Hair mats?

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Im not used to having long haired cats, so i tried to get used to grooming both Uno and Sace.

They both seemed to love it, but i noticed a mat on Sace's butt. when i touched it, he lightly but firmly bit me.

how do i get it would and keep my hands?lol
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Ooo, tough one. I had 2 persians years ago and they got terrible mats (sp?) every year. I had no luck brushing them out and we had to shave their hind quarters. They looked quite ridiculous. Groomers with sedatives are a great thing!
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Generally I have tried to work in from the bottom of the clump, holding the front of the clump so it doesn't pull too much, but occasionally I have had to just cut it out.
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Sometimes it helps to gently pull the mat apart with your fingers too. But if they are too badly matted, you will probably need to take the cat to to a groomer.

Just a side note for anyone with persians. I would avoid at all costs, having a persian groomed under anesthetic. They are at high risk due to the flat construction of their faces (airways, sinuses etc.)
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