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is it OK to mix dry food in with the wet food? Neko refuses to begin eating the wet without some dry food in it. Once he starts he remembers he likes the wet and will eat the entire thing.

I also was wondering about the amount of wet they are eating. Willie will only eat about half before giving up on it, he really seems to enjoy the first half though. I was worried he is not eating enough (it is only 1 meal every other day so I know he is not starving he just won't eat all his wet and I want him to get the benefits). Will they usually eat less wet food than they do dry? Does he just not like the food? How much should a 7 pound slim cat (Siamese) eat of wet?
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Some will say don't mix dry/wet at all...the concern is that when dry food gets wet it can quickly get funky (bacteria growth, etc). I would say do it if that's what it takes to get him eating the wet, but just throw away the leftovers promptly (like 30 min).

I have used the trick of just pushing the kibbles into the top. They can smell the dry so they dig in (that's the plan, anyway). Just another idea.

How much...that varies a lot depending on activity level, metabolism, etc...plus the type of food. I think you're using Felidae? Going by the label, which is just a guide - a 7lb cat would get around 5.5oz in one day, if wet is the sole food.

My moderate to low activity 7.5lb girl eats 4oz/day...wet is her only food.
My more active 8lb cats eat a bit more, 5-6oz/day...wet only.

Most of my cats don't care to eat more than about 3oz in one sitting. For a cat that's still new to wet, I wouldn't expect more than 2oz...less if you're using any dry as a bribe.
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Thanks that helped a lot! Wet is not there only food they get it for dinner every other night (I've only been doing that for about three nights) Felidae cat and kitten was the only wet food Neko would even taste. Tonight I fed it and at first Willie had a few bites then stopped Neko sniffed and walked away. So I got the dry and just sprinkled a few dry pieces on the top. Willie dug in and Neko did not. So I took a piece of the dry and gave it to Neko slowly bringing it closer to the wet then handed him another piece which I dropped in the wet. He ate the dry piece and then started eating the wet. Neko ended up doing a much better job of eating it I only had to add more dry one more time. Willie I needed to add like three more pieces every time he ran out (luckily while digging out the dry he ate a good amount of wet) and that would keep him going for a bit. Willie ate almost all of his food Neko who took longer ended up eating less, it was not as much as I liked. I hand fed him a few chunks but then he would not take it from my hands either. So I rolled all his into little dime sized balls and put three spoon fulls of water on the plate, rolled them around in the water and left them there, he ate all but three

I think Willie just does not like that it takes so long and is more work to eat, I swear his tongue gets tired since he has to lick and can't bite the food.

I split a 5.5 oz. can between them. Willie is 11 months and very active, 7 pounds. Neko is a somewhat lazy (unless he is beating up Willie) 10 pound 2 year old. I think he likes the balls in water a lot more because they are bite sized and go down easy, I'll prepare his like that from now on.
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I sprinkle dry food on top of Mosi's wet. He eats it straight away so it doesn't spoil and it doesn't seem to cause him any digestive problems.
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