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Macey's Ugly Facey

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Poor Macey. Her face got shaved in one spot.

I had to take her into to see Dr. Stupid in town this afternoon. She had a spot on her face that worried me. It's a hot spot. He sahved it, washed with soap/water, cleaned with peroxide, & then used a steroid spray on in.

Poor girl. It still itches. I rubbed it with a cloth & have been keeping a close eye on her so she stops scratching.
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aw, poor baby! she looks so thrilled too
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Awww, the poor little thing!! I feel bad for her!
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Did he give you anything to put on it?
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Originally Posted by chichismom View Post
Did he give you anything to put on it?
Yes. Umm....wash with soap/water, then clean with peroxide. Wipe peroxide off. Then spray with this spray he gave me, steroid/cortisone or something like that. If it's not better by Mon, she's to go back to see him again. If it's not better on Monday, I'm taking her to the really good vet, not Dr. moron again! I couldn't get her into the good vet this afternoon, though.
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Oh poor baby
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Originally Posted by Bella713 View Post
Oh poor baby
Awwwww!!! hehehehe I know poor baby!!! IMO she is still just as pretty as can be...
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I feel bad because it must hurt...she won't lay on that side of her face. I've been giving her extra kisses, though!
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piper looks just like that too, he got a bug bite, so gotta clean it often.
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aww sweet Macey - hope she heals soon - give her some special tummy rubs from us
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Poor Macy. It looks like it'll irritate her. Let her mooch it up and give her extra treats!
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Aw poor baby - she looks so forlorn. My aunt's golden retreiver has a terrible time with hot spots. She's tried different food and everything and hasn't been able to local the 'trigger'.
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Do you know why she got the hot spot?

Why are you calling him Dr. Stupid... he did everything you're supposed to do for a hot spot.
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Dr. Stupid....spent 2 years telling me Twitch was fine on anti-biotics(she is now resistant to them). Dr. Stupid "forgot" to take all Coco's uterus when he spayed her(she now leaks urine & I wipe her bum at least every time she potties, usualy 12+ x a day). Dr. Stupid told me to euthanize Damita because she was 6 years old & blind. Yes, some things he can do, but for anything that is a real problem, I go to another vet. He triple the dosage on Damita's ringworm meds when I tried a new one....& I had no idea I was poisoning her until I called another vet.
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Ahh, he sounds really scary. If he were a people doc, he'd be sued out of practice by now.
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Poor baby. I hope she feels better soon.
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aww poor little love! it's really not so bad though natalie. ginger, our 12 yr old wolf mix recently had to get several spots shaved down too for the same reason. her allergies are horribe (and she's indoors only and on meds)

you may need to put an e-collar on little macey to keep her from messing with that spot if you notice her starting to scratch again. lots of (((((get better vibes))))) headed ya'lls way!
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