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Sores on skin

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Tonight I was brushing my cats and I noticed that Echo has little sores on her back & around her neck. She's had them before, but I always assumed it was from Bud and her playing around (when they play they dig their back claws into each other and sometimes they'll get a little sore if it breaks the skin). But tonight I noticed that there were at least 5 or 6 little scabby sores right in the middle of her back and around the area above her tail plus a few around her neck. I searched her over for fleas and anything that seemed out of the norm, but didn't find anything. They don't seem to be sore to the touch, but they feel hard and raised...kind of like a big scab and kind of look like it too. The sores don't look like they are infected or anything. I checked the other 2 cats and they don't have any sores on them. Do you think it would be scratches from Bud? It can't be from Tiki since her previous owners had ALL of her claws removed. Do you think a bug has biten her? It doesn't look like a bug bite, but yet I don't think I've ever seen a bug bite on a cat before. Should I just keep a watch on them and she if she gets more & if so take her to the Vet? I'd feel kind of foolish to take her in if it's something really minor. What should I do? Thanks in advance!
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You can't always see fleas, you can see flea dirt- usually under the chin is the place it collects. The bumps sound like just irritation from the cat scratching. Go to the vet and get some spot on flea repellent that will take care of the problem.
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All of my cats are on Advantage and I have not seen any fleas or flea dirt on them. They have an occasional itch once in a while, but they don't seem to have the signs of having fleas. Plus, the sores that are on her back kind of look like sores from scratching...but are too far on her back to be able to scratch them herself. That's why I thought maybe they were from the cats playing around and got a little too aggressive with each other. I'm confused on what they are and how she is getting them?
Since she's on flea med's, should I still take her to Vet and she was those are?
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Ok I misunderstood you. The way your post reads initially it sounded to me like you didn't do flea treatment because you didn't see fleas.

It could be just a skin irritation of some kind, or lice. It doesn't sound like an allergy because then the bumps would be all over and not in just specific scratching areas.
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The Advantage might not work well enough? That sounds exactly like my kitty when she gets 1 flea bite. She has flea allergies and that's what happens even if one flea gets her, so we don't see the flea even but if one manages to get through "the defenses", all heck breaks loose on her skin.
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Sorry for the misunderstanding...sometimes when I write things I don't make myself clear. I checked her over for fleas just in case if the treatment wasn't working...could they get immune to the treatment? I would assume that they could just like us humans can with antibotics.

Ok...got a question for ya...What do you mean by lice? Is there a difference between lice that humans get and lice that cats can get? If not, I can guarantee that she doesn't have lice. I've never had that nor has anyone in my family...EWWW, just the thought makes me itch! If she really does have lice, what do I look for? I really don't know anything about animals and lice...I've heard a lot about the treatments for humans though. Hissy, you're freaking me out...please tell me more about this lice thing.
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Sorry to freak you out. Lice looks like dandruff laying on top of the fur, except when you try and remove the *dandruff* it doesn't move. That is lice eggs. Once they hatch, they can burrow down into the skin and make a kitty miserable. Your best bet is to take you cat to the vet and have a professional tell you what is going on. $35.00 for peace of mind.
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Thanks for the quick reply...I will call my Vet on Monday and see if I should bring her in for a visit. I'm sure they'll say "Well...of course! Bring her right in!". I wish there were more than 2 Vets in my town...they both seem really gready. But...I'll do anything for my babies-no matter how much it costs me. Thanks once again...I let you know with what I find out.
p.s...I did notice some dandruff on her back when I was combing her. I just hope it isn't something serious!
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Also have them check for ringworm.

(((kisses)))) to your baby
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