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Hair- and weight loss !

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Hello everybody,

Was wodering if I could get some advise on a stray cat I took in my care. She is less then a year old. She has some skin problem where she lost almost half of her hair, her skin was red, and after treating her with frontline and antibiotics the irritaion is gone. She is not putting on any kind of weight. I can feel her spin and hip bones. I had to get her off the street since she sat in the middle of the street and kept being attacked by feral cats. She is very friendly and now very alert, but her hair loss and the point that she is not gaining any weight is worrying me. Unfortunately, i cannot afford to take her to a vet and am trying to get help from organisations to get her help. Was wondering if anyone is familiar with her condition and has any advise. Thank you.
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She does need a vet..

www.carecredit.com may be able to help you..

she may have had a flea issue / allergy

What is she eating?? how long have you had her??
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She is eating can food, tuna mostely. I've been told by cat alliance to give her tuna or anything very smelly to get her appetite back. She is eating very well, I feed her 3 times a day. I took her off the streets apporx. 3 weeks ago and she has approved big time. She is free of fleas due to the frontline and I also give her a antibiotic powder mixed in her food twice a day (advise from a rescue). She should have put on some weight by now eating so good, but she is still very skinny and her hair still keeps falling out.
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She might have worms, which could prevent her from gaining weight. In any case, she really should see a vet to find out what the problem is. Are there any low-cost vet clinics you can go to?
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I have to call around. Only had experience with high cost clinics, which I can't afford. We took a kitty in a few month ago at the age of 3 weeks, his vet care cost me almost $300, he was injured, my savings are gone. But this cat is the sweetest thing, must have been someone pet at some time, she just wants to be loved, not one bad bone in her body and I really want to help her. I tried contacting rescues but everybody is full since it is kitten season.
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