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Crazy cat!!

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i think i have a cat with her nose broken. she LOVES LOVES LOVES stinky sneakers and boots, the stinkier the better!!

she waits till the SO comes home, then buries her nose in his shoes, and rubs them, etc. i think shes nuts!!! ( Kali).

shes even gotten the kittens into it, the poor things,lol

who else has a stink lover?lol
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Ah yes, the stink lovers...

Roxie will sit for over an hour with her head in daddy's stinky work sneakers or any other stinky shoe she can find if we allow her too...

Cats do the strangest things sometimes
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jenny all the way! probly the things you don't want to know about that comes out of my bf.....
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Glad I'm not alone!! Tiki sticks her head in our sneakers as soon as we take them off, and loves to lay on my DH dirty, smelly, work clothes. I have never understood it. She likes to nap on them. The last time I took her to the vet when she had a UTI, I put one of DH smelly shirts in there with her...
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Some of my cats do that too
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Keiko loves my stinky shoes...
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