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Okay now do not think I am a bad person. I just want to get everyone's opinion on this matter. We got our kitten a week ago, he is around 11 weeks. So he has already had one set of shots. But I have read the bad things that vaccinations can cause. Kind of like human shots. Now what do you all think. Is it really something you should worry about. He is an indoor kitty only. I just really want the pros and cons and personal experiences. Thanks and please dont think I am bad, I just wanna know for sure.
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I vaccinate my animals when they are babies... they get their full set of everything necessary... and then we do the titer (sp?) test every two years to see if they need it again. My one dog will be 5 years old in January... he was vaccinated as a puppy and received boosters at 1 year old. He hasn't needed another one since. Of course if I take in an adult cat/dog with a questionable history, they do get a set of shots. And I do get them a Rabies vaccine every year because it is required by law.
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I think kittens are very important to vaccinate for at least Panleukopenia, Rhinotracheitis, and Calicivirus. After the one year booster then if you feel you don't want to vaccinate then don't. Also you might want to check what the rabbies law is in your state.
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I have found in my past that I thought that since some of my cats were indoor only, nah they'll be ok.

But, I have since found that it's important to immunize because there might be a chance they slip out or you may want to adopt another companion at some other time.

I've wanted to volunteer before but because my cats were not immunized and were intact, I couldn't do it. So now everyone is getting immunized and everyone is getting spayed or neutered. Even if I were not going to pursue a rescue environment, I have seen the importance of both of these things for the health of my cats.
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