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Fidgety mummy

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Hi all, i came across you today and you seem like a knowledgable lot so i thought i'd ask you a couple of questions!

A few months ago, my friend's cousin died unexpectedly, and i took in her two young cats. I was assured that everything was up to date with them and they'd been fixed, but as it turns out, he had and she hadn't. As soon as i realised she come into heat i kept her indoors, but unfortunately i was a little late and the (exceptionally cute) results of that mishap were born yesterday! Obviously asap I will get her 'fixed', but until then...

She's being very... needy at the moment. She's young, i don't know if it was her first or second heat, but she's approximately a year old now, and since she had the kittens she has been a bit antsy. Like... she's happy in the birthing box with the kittens, but if my partner or i are in the same room as her and walk into the kitchen or the lounge, she comes to find us, yowls in a demanding manner and then walks back to the kittens. She responds if they make any noise, but i just don't know if this is normal behaviour especially as she's not normally affectionate like that to us. Is it just a 'look what i made, aren't i clever?'?! I had to sit on the floor next to the box for 2 hours yesterday so that she wouldn't get up and follow me any more! When we're not in the room (and the door's closed), she doesn't appear to be getting up and about, and she doesn't sit by the door, she's perfectly content to be with them.

Secondly, how soon can i get her 'done'? Will it have any affect on her milk flow if it's early?

Thirdly, our other cat seems intrigued but a little put out by the new arrivals. Is there much of a threat to them from him? He's a big softy (my boyfriend calls him NBV - natural born victim!) and i wouldn't have thuoght there would be, but again, i just don't know.

And fourth and finally...

This has come at a really poor time, as my boyfriend and i are moving in approximately 10 days time. It has all been very sudden due to a change in our circumstances (he wants his space, etc etc so we're going to be living apart...) and obviously i would much rather it didn't have to be like this for her but it does. Does anyone have any recommendations for how to make it as stress free for her as possible?

Thanks a lot for all your help in advance
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when you move the best thing to do is to be with her and have something that has her sent on it when you move. how old will the kittens be when you move?
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Aww, she sounds like a very sweet kitty. If she is a first time mother, she is probably just a little nervous and wants your reassurance. As long as the babies are being fed and taken care of, it will be fine.

She shouldn't be spayed until the kittens are weaned. Some animals might continue to produce milk, but I know some don't. I once rescued a small dog and she had to have a c-section to deliver the puppies. The vet didn't even ask my permission, and went ahead and spayed her. She still produced milk, but it was very little and we had to supplement the puppies.

My adult cats were all very interested in the new arrivals, but for safety's sake I never left them unattended. While he may not do anything, I wouldn't take the chance.

I don't know what to tell you on the moving, except to give her a room in the new place where everything looks and smells somewhat familiar to her.
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I am curious, if it feels as if she has more kittens inside of her? Not to frighten you, but I have had a Mom cat have another kitten inside, and she showed signs of anxiety and restlessness, so when we palpitated, we could feel another kitten, and she went to the vet.
It is very possible she is just a young, first time Mom, and she wants the assurance that everything is okay. You may try to stay with her a little more, talking softly to her, letting her know that she is doing good when she is laying, nursing the babies. I would keep her confined in a small room, or bedroom, with the babies having a nest to stay warm, and the food and litter close by, so that Momma doesn't have to go too far from her babies. As they grow, she will spend a little more time away, but still shouldn't go outdoors.

Moving is going to cause stress, try and keep the new enviroment as much the same as it was, again keeping her in a bedroom or bathroom, until the kittens are older.

Your other kitty, should not be around the Mother cat or kittens, the Mother may be disturbed from nesting and want to move the kittens, if another cat familiar or unfamiliar comes close. Keep her in another room, and allow him the rest of the house and he can continue feeling like he is #1, and once the kittens are older and vaccinated, then they can be introduced around the other pets. I recommend keeping kittens at least 10 weeks, preferrably 12 give proper immunization, socialization, and they can learn good scratching post habits and litter box habits while watching Mom.

Vets have different opinions on when to spay a Mom who is nursing, I would find out what your vet recommends. I would wait until they are at least 6 weeks, as a major surgery, I would think would take her away from her babies too long at this time. Can you neuter the male now, and keep him separated from her for the next 6 weeks, or can your boyfriend keep the boy at his home for a short time until the Mother is spayed? He can get her pregnant as soon as she delivered, and even if neutered now, can get her pregnant up to a few weeks past neutering.

We wish you well!!
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