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I need some sleep vibes

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Ok the vibes works for everything else its worth a try.

The past weeks or so I have been having a hard time getting to sleep and then staying asleep. Since about last thursday I have laid in bed for hours and then when i finally do get to sleep I keep waking back up.

I woke up early today thinking that maybe ill be able to get to sleep easier tonight.

Anyone know some good ways of getting to sleep. Yes i have even tried counting and saying abc's backwards lol.

We usually go to bed around 10-11 and so far ive been wide awake untill at least 2 am.
Then after several times waking up I have been finally crashing at about 4-5 am. So im really only getting about 3-4 good hours of sleep.

I know night time is about the time I lay in bed thinking of everything that has to be done and worring but this is getting nuts.

I used to have to fall asleep with the tv on just to hear it so i could listen to that instead of worry but ive even tried turning that off. Then I just lay there in the dark wide awake.
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Have you tried playing some music at a low volume? Something soothing. If you're used to the noise from the tv, maybe your brain is missing that background noise. Also, you could try Melatonin. It's not a sleeping pill, it's the actual enzyme that your brain produces to make you go to sleep. There isn't any grogginess the next day, and you can pick it up at a dollar store for a few bucks. Basically, it just reminds your brain that you have to sleep.

Good luck. Many sleep vibes coming your way!
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Oh no! lack of sleep is so awful!...
((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Sending good vibes for you can to sleep so well and SOON!
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yeah ill try that. I turned off the tv wondering if that was keeping me awake.

I dont think im really stressing over anything besides my daughter is gone with my mom for a while and the other 2 are going in the middle of the month.

Money is a little tight but nothing major.

The animals are all doing well although we are having problems with the dog pooping in our room and my husband keeps threatning to give her back to my mom.

I dont think im feeling down usually when I feel that way I sleep all the time.
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I go through phases of lack of sleep sometimes; even though I'm feeling wrecked I'm still wide awake at 2am. It can happen anytime but will more likely happen when I'm worried about something. The things I tend to try are the 'Hold-Relax' Techniques where you tense up your feet, then totally relax them, working your way up your legs, arms and torso. Usually about halfway through I nod off. I also try deep breathing techniques where I imagine I'm breathing all the thoughts out of my brain and tension out of my body as I exhale. Sounds silly but it works for me!

My last resort is trying to name all the states in the USA going alphabetically. I usually make it to around Hawaii but sometimes it can go the whole way to Utah!

I hope that helps a little as I know how terrible it feels.
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besides the melatonin, you might try 5-L-HTP &/or Kava-kava to help you relax & feel drowsy.
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It smells like crap (for real, it's bad) but Valerian caplets are great for helping you sleep. They relax your sinuses, which is a big reason people can't sleep.
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