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Is it a good wet food? I noticed that it is reasonably priced and slightly cheaper than Innova but is it as good? I am trying to get better food for my little girl. So I also need kitten friendly food with extra nutrients, she is slightly underweight as well. She will no longer eat dry.
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Merrick is a good food, but not all cats will eat it. Mine won't, no even I-never-met-a-wet-food-I-didn't like Swanie.
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From what I read around here, Merrick is a good brand. It is also recommended on other cat sites. Our two cats love it.
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Misty is right...it's good food if your cat will eat it. My cats do like most of the flavors, I offer it in rotation with a few other brands. I don't lean on it real heavily...partially because it doesn't seem to be as filling/satisfying as some of the other foods they eat...and partially because they do get bored quickly. My cats eat Wellness, Natural Balance, EVO, By Nature, and a few others in addition to the Merricks. I believe all of those are "all life stages" foods.

If I was trying for some weight gain, it would not be my top choice.

When they need to gain, the numbers (calories, protein, fat, etc) on the can don't matter if they won't eat it, though. Precious' favorite food is kind of low in calories & fat but it's the one she'll eat reliably so it works. I hope that makes sense.
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My cats don't seem to like Merrick.

We did just try that natural canned food Wal-Mart carries. I can't remember the name...But they like it. So while I wait for Nutro to start canning their own we have something besides FF and Friskies they will
eat. They are getting bored with purina and I don't want them to go on a food boycott again.
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Merrick's is a good quality food. Having said that, it's only good if your cats will eat it. Our two won't eat anything else but Merrick's. And then they only eat Granny's Pot Pie and Thanksgiving Day Dinner. They don't like any fish or seafood at all.

I'm glad it's so well-priced where you are living. Here I have to pay $1.69 CDN per can which is rather expensive compared to most of the other foods (that they refuse to eat ).
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Merrick is a good food and comes in a variety of flavors... mine will occationally accept it ...
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both of my cats love merrick, all the flavors and I have been happy with the way they have started looking since I put them on it...but before merrick we were feeding dry grocery store food so that might be why I have seen such a change in the way they look
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