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TCS is bad for my eyes lol.

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That's right, I went to the eye doc yesterday and I found out I need glasses for reading, driving at night, the computer, and watching tv. Im not sure when this all began, I used to have 20/20 vision, but apparently all the time I spend zoned out on tcs (at work) has altered my vision a bit. The side effects of TCS have taken over me (not too bad I think my vision was like 28/29). I was thinking of contacts until I found out I have an astigmatism and that my eyes are probably too sensitive to mess with em. So just call me 4 eyes (this will be my first time ever having glasses). I am actually kind of excited... I got me some Coach frames (might as well look good while I wear em)... Cost me $299 for the exam, lenses, frames, and an extra test... I got an awesome discount (around $65 or more off) because my father used to be a union member. I'll have to post a pic when I get em (in about 2 weeks) so you can tell me if I made a good decision on my frames!!!!
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vision and fingers,...IsnĀ“t?.......
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Good to hear it wasn't as bad as you thought. Glad you got the discount!

Next will be carpel tunnel!
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I think I already have the beginning stages of that or tendonitis from when I was a hairstylist. It is much better now that I dont do hair fulltime.
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Well I have been wearing glasses since I was about 1, so all I can say is welcome to the "four eyes" club!
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LOL thanks. Its weird being a new member to the club and all. I feel silly wearing them (make me look like lisa lobe) but its better to see than to not I suppose!
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It's called GETTING OLD Just Kidding.

Seriously though that's the toughest time I'm having right now. I'm in IT and there are days I go home nausous because of the fact that I've looked at the computer screen for 8 hours that day.

Without contacts or glasses I think I would be close to being considered legally blind (contacts are -8.00 in one eye and -7.50 in the other). I also have a slight astigmatism.

The only thing I can suggest is blinking. When we look at a computer, often times we forget to blink. So our eyes dry out and in short that's how you strain your eyes. So keep eye drops at work and BLINK!!!!
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My eye doc told me that every two hours I should look away from my computer for twenty minutes and to look long distance if possible. I've been trying to follow this. My vision isnt too bad but I do have an astigmatism in my right eye. So glasses feel weird to me right now especially since the curvature in one is differnet than the other.!
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