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We have WINNERS!!!

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We finally have our winners for the June 2007 posting bonanza contest!

To have another look at the excellent entries click here.

This was a very very difficult contest to judge! All of the posts were excellent and I wish to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of our contestants for taking the time and effort to make them. You are all winners in my book for contributing to our mission to promote cat welfare!

I would also like to thank our generous contest sponsor once again -
Plain Brown Tabby Toys and Treats

And now... to the winners!

\t\t \t\t\tMomofmany is our first place WINNER!

Momofmany wins:
1 Pink 3 in 1 Nap Sac (medium size)

1 fe"lines" Sunflower Cats Magnetic Notepad

1 Honeysuckle Toys Deluxe Pack

1 Whole Life Pet Treats Chicken - 4 Oz. size

Six Months long TCS Forum Membership

5000 Forum Points

\t\t \t\t\tmooficat is our 2nd Prize Winner!

She wins:

Yeowww! Hearrrt Attack - Can't Break This Heart:

Photo Magnet Frame - Perfect

Wildside Salmon Cat Treats - 3 Oz. resealable pouch

A 3 pack of Kitty Pongs

Three Months TCS Forum Membership

3000 Forum Points
\t\t \t\t\ticklemiss21, sarahp and kittymonsters were the runner ups and they win -
A 10% discount coupon for Plain Brown Tabby Toys and Treats (10% off anything except Catpaper)

2000 TCS forum points

And finally Green Bunny, \t\t \t\t\tmybabyphx and \t\t \t\t\tadymarie each win -
1000 Bonus Forum Points

Congratulations to all of our winners and runner ups!!!

** Edit: points have been awarded. I will be contacting the winners about the prizes via PM's.
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Congrats to everyone!! And thanks to Pat for the prizes!

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oh wow 2nd place ! thanks very much and well done Momofmany congrats on your 1st place - have tons of fun with your prizes

Well done all ! great fun !

Thanks to Anne for the challenge it was good fun and certainly made you think ! and to Pat for the wonderful prizes and to the mods who had to pour over all the entries
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You all did some fantastic posts

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Congratulations all of you! All the posts were excellent!
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Congratulations to you all!!
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Congrats to all
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Congrats on 1st place Momofmany!
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to all of you!
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Congratulations to you all!
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Great job everyone!
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I'm sure everyone deserved their prizes but having read some of momofmany's posts I feel very glad to see her get such great prizes
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Congratulations to all the winners for their excellent entries!
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Congratulations to everyone! Anne wasn't kidding when she said it was tough to choose -- that was a whole bunch of excellent posts.

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Wow! I just want to thank mybabyphx for PMing me about the contest. She read one of my posts and told me to enter the contest. I'd been busy and hadn't had time to read the rules and wouldn't have if she hadn't reminded me about it.

I stumbled upon TCS a few years back when I had a horrible FeLV in both my household and feral colony. I came here for advice and got it. Since then I've gained so much knowledge about cats that I simply want to return back some of the knowledge that I've gained. The prizes are nice, but not nearly as nice as knowing that my posts are appreciated. IMHO, that is the true spirit of this site.

Thanks everyone! I truly appreciate the vote of confidence.
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Congratulations to all the winners!
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Congrats to all of the wonderful winners!!!
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Congrats to the winners - very well deserved!
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