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Update on Possum

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Here is my original thread with the problem:


Well, the vet looked at Possum, and thought he might have a bacterial infection on his skin. I'm not real sure how he got one since I put Revolution on Possum and Loki every month, but it might be something that's not covered by it.

He and Loki both have all their claws, and they like to playfight, so maybe Possum got scratched, and the bacteria came in that way. Also, maybe I tracked something in one day. Who knows? Loki appears to be fine.

The vet gave me some Clavamox for him, and I'm supposed to give him 8 CCs twice a day. He also gave me a syringe, and flavored the liquid meds. Okay, Possum is extremely skittish, so I wasn't looking forward to that. I managed to give him it the first time with the syringe, but it was extremely traumatic for both of us.

Now Possum seriously distrusts me again, although we are making progress, but he won't sit in my lap and cuddle with me like he usually does. Sigh. Maybe he will next week, but he does rub against me now, and I can tell he wants to get close to me. So now I hate myself, too.

I got some advice from my mom's girlfriend about her sister's cat and their meds, which was to mix it with some lactose free mik or wet cat food, so I got both of those. Possum seems to respond better to this method, however, there's been problems, too, but I think I've finally figured him out.

I give both Loki and Possum wet food so Possum doesn't think anything is wrong, and so Loki doesn't try to steal his food. Obviously, only Possum's has the medicine, and I watch them both to make sure they don't switch bowls.

Through trial and error I've found that they puts tons of food in those tiny cans, Possum either doesn't eat much, or just licks up the gravy, he won't touch anything that's been refrigerated, and Loki is a big greedy pig who screams and cries like he's been starved for months as soon as I open up a can, and will push Possum (usually the dominant cat) out of the way to get to the wet food.

So, tomorrow I'll try giving a little bit of wet food and a larger amount of gravy with the medicine mixed in, since that seems to work the best. And maybe Possum will grow to trust me again so I can hold him on my lap and pet him because I miss that.

Also, the vet gave me some gel medicine to rub on Possum's gums because he might have gingivitis. I think he's had this since before I got him because his breath has always been a bit weird, and Loki's breath barely has an odor. Anyway, I have no idea how to give this to him since Possum will barely come near me.

Possum should be on the Clavamox for at least another week and a half. I hope it works for him, because if not, then they'll have to go back to the drawing board.

This sucks so much.

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I'm so glad you were able to get Possum to the vet.

I know giving the liquid Clavamox is not easy. The last time one of my cats had to take it I hid it in her wet food. I hope that method continues to work for Possum. Just don't give him more food than he is likely to eat at one meal. You want him to eat all the food and all the medication.

I'm sure Possum will trust and love you. It's just that a lot has happened to him so he needs to regain his confidence. When he rubs on you give him a treat so that he'll associate you with good things.

I have no idea how to rub the medication on his gums. Maybe someone else will have experience with that.

Hugs to you and Possum.
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It is great to hear it is figured out. I know Possum will learn to trust you again. He just doesn't understand that you are helping him. My older cat hates me right now because I brought a kitten into 'her' home. I feel terrible everytime she ignores me. She would hiss at me when I walked anywhere near her the first few days. She has been sitting in my lap more and more everyday. Just give it time. Cats can sure hold grudges.

About the medication for his gums, that is going to be a tough one. I don't have any experience with that, but someone on here must.
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