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I am so sad and confused

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Sunday morning my vet will come to the house to give my sweet little Dougie his final peace and release him from his pain...and all of a sudden I have all these mixed emotions... right now all I can do is cry... I just wish there was something I could do to change things and "save" my sweet sweet cat...if only there was something I could do... if only I would have known... if only I would know he agrees that this is the best decision I could make for him... if only he knows how incredibly much I love him... and how hard it is to let him go... but that I will let him go because I really do truly love him with all my heart. But oh my, I just don't want to miss him, I really really really don't want to miss him. I didn't know such heartache existed. Why why why why why??? If only somebody could answer that. I feel like I am going crazy, i really don't know what to do with myself. Oh my, if I feel this bad now...how on earth am I going to feel sunday. I so love that cat, I wasn't ready to not have him in my life anymore... i still am not ready... it hurts so much, it feels like my heart has been shattered and will never heal again. I am just so sad.
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Your grief is normal and so don't deny that it is there. Let it take you where you need to go. Punching pillows help. Going for a drive on a busy highway and screaming your guts out helps.....Talking to people who have been there- helps. Tears will come and when you think there are none left, they will come again. Months, even years later, they will come when you see something that reminds you of your beloved cat. It does not go away quickly, but it does go away.

Write about him, leave memorials to him on the Internet, there are many great sites where you can do this. Some charge, others cost nothing. But work with it not against and it, and know that it shows you are human and that you loved him very much. He was lucky to have you in her life and you were lucky you were able to say a proper goodbye to him.

Here is a link full of sorts of sites that might help you find your way with this.

Hugs ((((((((()))))))))) from one who has been there.

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There are no answers....none that I have come up with. Your cat knows you love him...they know love! If he didn't, do you think he would come to you or show you love? No. He wouldn't. I am still trying to recover from Angel, but I found it eased a little (not much) once she was gone. There is no more pain for them....that is so important. They are there with other animals and people..playing...eating...being outside...doing what they want to FREELY with no restrictions. We aren't crying for them...we are crying for OURSELVES and our own pain and loss. That isn't a consolation...I know that all too well, but there is a reason for everything although we don't know those reasons. I lit a candle for the day yesterday for Angel..and I did a memorial online for her.(GREAT SERVICE THIS SITE HAS!!)


It all has helped...it has...not much...but it has. There are other animals at shelters that need love to avoid being put to sleep, as well. I told my mother this, but she is not ready to have another one yet. I don't blame her...I have had Ashley so I can't consider that now, anyway...but I am sure once some healing takes place, she will save one from the shelter. Isn't that was love is all about? Maybe when you are ready, you will be able to do the same.

I did send you email....please keep in touch with me!! Strength and support comes in numbers..I can still you it and I know you can, as well!
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It's so hard when a pet dies. Unfortunately, life is bittersweet. We won't know perfection until we are in heaven ourselves. The loss of a loved one, human being or pet, is so painful. And the first time is incredibly painful. All we can do is treasure each other and treasure our pets every day. I wish I could offer you more. I hope you can feel the love and sorrow we all feel for you now. You will get stronger as time goes on, but unfortunately, it takes heat to temper steel. You know that you are doing the kindest thing possible for Dougie.
Our family has always had a little "ceremony" when we bury our little creatures, and thank God for trusting us with the care of one of His precious creatures. Perhaps you can plant a lovely plant or garden ornament where he's buried, and you will think of him lovingly ever time you see it. God bless you and ease your pain.
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