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nolu's Kitty Pictures! *lots*

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Bwahaha. THIS is what happens when people request pictures from me, they get them! *evil laugh* I actually did a photoshoot with the kits last night, but all of the pictures turned out blurry because of the lighting, and all the camera batteries are shot today. So, here they are.. Tom, Chili, and Emma, with commentary by me. Well, Chil's helping me out here by adding a sarcastic comment or two, but I find it hard to type in meows..

No one ever believes me when I say they're pigs in a cat's body, but I swear it's true, and I have PROOF!

Well, not Tom. He's just an angel. (This picture is from yesterday)

We adopted him from the Humane Society two years ago, when he was eight or so years old. His owners dumped him because "the wife was allergic." Sure. Him and his sister had been bounced around for months because no one wanted a pair of eight year old cats that had to be adopted together.. but I sure did. No one mentioned his sister (Jill) was semi-feral (VERY afraid of humans once the security of the cage door was gone), and she and Tom were getting into loud, ugly fights that drew blood and she was peeing and pooping everywhere, even when we enclosed her in a small room and put her boxes there, so she had to go back. My mom's last house was ruined by cat pee, and she can't stand it.. The great news for her is that she was adopted as a barn cat shortly after, and her new owner loves her . I rambled on a bit, here are more pics..

We think he was abused in his last home, because it's taken him a long time to realize when I raise a hand over my head I'm just stretching--NOT going to hit him--and when I run around the house I'm not chasing him, I'm just having fun. And when I talk in a stern voice to him.. oh the look on his face... It makes me feel like I've hit him or something. Having the kittens around has helped him a lot. While he hasn't yet learned that the chasing game (I chase kittens, they chase me, we pounce on eachother) he has learned that when we sound like a herd of elephants no one is out to get him. So I'm glad they came to us.. so much stuff that's "normal" in my household used to be terrifying to him.

Look at that handsome face...

Yawwwwwwnnn... Chili didn't want me to show you this picture of her.. but.. MUHAAHAHA! Nothing like embarrassing your cat online.
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She is my heart-cat... I don't think I need to say anything more, as anyone who's had a bond like this knows what I mean.

There was a "free kittens" sign out a month after we brought home Tom... And hey, I was a sucker. Some people way down the road had fifteen (!!!) outdoor/indoor cats and three of the females had had babies at the same time. Come to think of it, I think that was a lie, as I only saw three nursing the babies, and none of them were longhair or orange, and there were several longhair (think Persian) kittens, a tortie (my baby), and an orange. There must have been more. Anyhow, there were about fifteen kittens there, and several had gone to new homes already. I had no idea about kitten ages.. they said the kittens were three weeks old.. I was such a sucker. They were barely one week, most of them. Emma didn't even have her eyes open, and when I met her, she was a newborn--once again, I didn't know this at the time.

So I was determined to bring my monsters home... and I did. the second I saw Emma I knew she was coming home with me and that her name was Emma. Have you ever had that happen? It was the second I laid eyes on her... Chili, my first thought was, whoever get's THAT kitten will have my sympathies! She was crawling on all the other kittens with a determined look in her eyes (they were open) and biting them, trying to get them to play with her or something. She was a little bundle of hyperactive energy.. but she was the only other cat that caught my eye, so when it came time to bring them home (1 week later--I swear I knew nothing about cats.. don't kill me) I grabbed her.

I've never regretted that split second decision (excluding the times she's accidentally chewed holes in me ).

My Nemma-kitty...

Emm's the fat cat of the house, and essentially rules the roost. She wakes us up at 4am for cuddles (and gets away with it, mostly), and when she smiles and meows I generally give in to whatever she wants. She's learned exactly how o get her way. She opens doors, cabinets, and is an escape artist. I kiss her teensie little paws all the time, and when she sasses me I sternly remind her that I wiped her butt when she was little.. just like me dad reminds me! You really do turn into your parents if you try hard enough, hehe!)

Look at that face...

But it's all a lie, she's not as angelic as she seems!

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Chili's scary eyes that remind me of Gollem (sp?) from LOTR. I adore them... especially when she gives me this look:

More Gollem-eyes..

Her ears.. yes, they are as soft as they look! And she doesn't mind me petting them, either.

Well, that's all for now, I think. And for any questions that may pop up.. NO my kitties are not indoor/outdoor. They are indoor, but I take them in our yard supervised on and off leash. The winter pictures are when we had a huge storm and all the snow and rain iced over. We skated on the yard for a week and half, and the cats loved it because they were allowed out as much as they wanted.

They do have free reign of the screened-in porch, however.

So now you guys know more about my kitties and I.. I hope you enjoy!
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Your kitties are so adorable! Chili is just gorgeous! Great pictures and loved the bios!
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Thanks, Coco!
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Your babies are beautiful!! My parents have a grey kitten they named Tom. Your Tom is gorgeous!! And Chili looks just like my Tiki! Love the pics!!
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What's that book I see? Blood & Chocolate? I love those books....I believe there are three...

Anyways....I love Emma's fuzzy cheeks!
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You are welcome! I am glad you posted a picture of your kitties for us to see. I love all the different pics, it looks like they have so much personality in each one
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LMAO Coco.. you have no idea. I love them, but sometimes their "personality" drives me up a wall! The sweet sighs they make when they sit on my lap, and the trusting gazes that land on me are more than enough to compensate, though.

White Cat.. LOL! I knew someone was going to recognize B&C! I'm re-reading it now, and I bought The Silver Kiss as well, I like Annette Curtis Klause's style in it. I wish she'd do a sequel to B&C. It would make me ever so happy.

I love her cheek fuzz, too. I dig my fingers in it all the time when she wants pets, because she loves it. She's got such soft, glossy fur. I want it to stay that way. I don't want it to get matted like most Maine Coons and other semi longhairs I see, but it's so fine I think it will be...

Sam, Tom thanks you very much. He does love to be called "Handsome!"
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There is Blood & Chocolate, the Silver Kiss, & isn't there one more? While searching for it, I see that Blood & Chocolate is out on DVD! I might have to buy it, it never came to the local theaters.
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It's reallllyyyyyy good. Nothing like the book--they need to completely change the title and main characters names, it's so different, but it's EXCELLENT. Here is a link to it, you can watch most of it online:
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Your kitties are absolutely gorgeous! And we here at TCS never get tired of seeing tons of pictures!!!!!
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They are gorgeous
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Oh my word your babies are gorgeous
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I have Emma on my lap and she is purring like crazy about the compliments... however, she denies that anyone could possibly be complimenting Chili and Tom when they could look at HER! (Ah yes.. this is what I live with...) She's walking away now, but she added that if you're wasting time looking at "those two" you just haven't admired her long enough.
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Gorgeous kiities, and lovely photos. Thanks for sharing! I like the bio to go with the pics, especially about poor Tom. It brought tears to my eyes. I'm so glad he found a loving home.
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all so precious!!!
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Originally Posted by pushylady View Post
Gorgeous kiities, and lovely photos. Thanks for sharing! I like the bio to go with the pics, especially about poor Tom. It brought tears to my eyes. I'm so glad he found a loving home.
Me too, and I'm especially glad it's mine. For bony old kitty, he's sure nice to have around.. now I've got to go get me some Tom cuddles!

Thanks for the comments, guys.
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they are all gorgeous
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Your kitties are all beautiful.
Great to hear their stories too
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oh..and what a nice, comfy bed they have to sleep on!!!!
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what a great photo-shoot - I really enjoyed looking at all those

You have an adorable fur-family give them all some tummy tickles from us
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So, so beautiful
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