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had to tell ya what my kitten did.

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I put down a dinner plate of dry cat food for my cats and my 6 week old kitten rascal climbed into the middle of the plate and put her legs out to cover the corners and growled at any other cat that came near, she was like "this is mine! this is all mine" she is a rascal.
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Hee! They are so funny when they are being "tough"!
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Ha! That sounds like Samantha, a tiny calico at my aunt-and-uncle's farm when I was a kid -- my aunt would put out a pieplate of milk for the kittens, and Samantha would nudge through the crowd and sit down right in the middle of it. Gotta love the attitude!

Sheesh, that was over 40 years ago. What an impression a little kitten can make!
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Awww, I can just picture that! Do you have other cats? Or did she think YOU were going to steal her food? Too bad you couldn't have gotten a picture of that!
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How did the others react?
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that is cute.. keeping her 'catch' all to herself!!!!
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Awww, that's so cute, what a horrifying beast.

Timotei used to growl at his food whenever he got some raw heart, I suppose he was getting in touch with his inner sabertooth.
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That is hilarious
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Kittens have such huge egos.
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Originally Posted by gemlady View Post
Kittens have such huge egos.
Kittens dont think anything can hurt them. KoKo who just got adopted when he went to the adoption events he would go after all the big cats. A 3lbs kitten going after a 15+ lbs cat.
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LOL, I have three kittens here that do that ALLLLLL the time. I have two metal pans that I put their dry food in and the pans are just big enough for an 8 week old kitten to lay down one will lay down in each pan and not let anyone else eat until they're finished.
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Aw, too funny! Did you get a picture?!
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no I did not get a photo, I do not know what is wrong with my digital camera, I put new batteries in it, it turns on but the zoom thing will not come out, something is making it stick.
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That's so cute!!!!! Kittens are such funny little creatures
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lol, that's so cute! Buffy did that when we first got her, since she was a stray and understood that food isn't guaranteed, so she'd growl and hover over her food when anyone came near. And a previous cat, when he was a kitten, he'd actually bat at your hand if you tried moving your hand towards the food. Fiesty kittens are just sooooo cute!
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