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Microchiping quetions

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I will be relocating soon (we're moving a thousand miles) so I made an appointment to get Abby microchipped but I have a couple of questions. My vet uses Home Again, are they a good Company? I went to their website and it looks like they offer a lot of services but I'm not sure if the extra stuff is worth the money.
Also, I have heard that there can be problems later on at the injection site. I don't want to do this if it's going to make her sick down the road.
Any input would be great! I also have a million more questions about moving her but that's for later.
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I got Oliver chipped last summer... my vet uses the Avid brand, so that's what he got... I can't speak directly about Home Again, since I don't know a whole lot about that brand, but I am a supporter of chipping in general.... as for the actual procedure/injection site: I will tell you that no matter the brand, the injection needle will look huge to you, so depending on your stomach, haha, you may not want to watch... no worries though because it doesn't hurt them all that much and there's no bleeding or anything (I watched with no problems, but I used to work there and in a shelter, so I've seen a lot, lol).... Oliver didn't even make a peep when he got his (and he's usually the big baby - he'll let you poke and prod, but he'll complain the whole time haha).... don't know if you've done research on the chip itself, but they're about the size of a grain of rice and get put kinda in the scruff of the neck... once it's in, you can't feel it or anything... um, that's about all I can think of right now... I know lots of people here have their animals chipped, so they'll be able to pitch in
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AVID and Home Again are the two brands of microchip scanners. I heard that a lot of companies can make scanners and some only read certain chips. I would be interested to know how accurate that is if anyone knows...

Only complications I can think of are if the chip isn't injected correctly, isn't sterilized or something or if the injection site gets an infection, but I think that is highly unlikely. One other thing I heard is that the chip can actually move locations before the scar tissue forms and holds it in place. I have heard of some moving to the underneath side of the animal. But a lot of clinics and pounds/shelters only run the scanner over the back of the neck...

oh and MY GOD the needle is HUGE!
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I had my five microchipped 2 years ago and my vet uses Home Again. I liked the website and I felt comfortable with the level of service offered. It eases my mind knowing that they have the chips in case they do get out and picked up somewhere.

I had two other cats microchipped years ago and one of the chips did migrate down the shoulder from its neck injection but it didn't seem to bother her. I could feel the lump under the skin.

At their annual check ups I just have the vet waive the scanner over them to locate the chip and make sure it is still fine. None of them had any reactions at all to the injection.

I'd say it is a very good decision to make. Good luck with the move.
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Thank you all for the advice. I feel better about it now. I had them show me the needle and chip the last time I was at the vet and you're not kidding it's HUGE! I won't be watching while they do it that's for sure.
I think the reason the chips aren't universal is that some are probably Gen 1 and some are Gen 2. Just a shot in the dark but I sell RFID and I know that with labels that's the main difference. As far as labels go that is going away since Gen 2 is pretty much the standard now.
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Does anyone know anything about the type of chip that also transmits body temperature? My little boy moggie is a terror at the vet, taking his temp via the rectum is a major undertaking and from what I've seen the ear type isn't very accurate. It would be great if I could get his temp with a scanner. I know I would have to buy a scanner to read the chip because they use a communication protocol common in Europe and is different from what is used in the US. But I believe it is becoming common for US scanners to a least detect the presence of the European type chip.

Originally Posted by Kathryn41 View Post
I had two other cats microchipped years ago and one of the chips did migrate down the shoulder from its neck injection but it didn't seem to bother her. I could feel the lump under the skin.
Did the chip end up at a location that it would be found if someone was using a scanner on her but didn't know the chip wasn't in the "standard" location??
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