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weird dreams

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Ok so last night i dreamt i met my grandma at one of those variety stores and i had this weedy idiot coming up and accosting me. I was screaming at the top of my lungs for him to leave me alone. Eventually he went away, and grandma bought two boogie boards (which in my dream were more like mattresses in the shapes of reeeally BIG boogie boards) and i carried them out for her.

Then we were waiting in line for something and i realised this guy waiting near me was the lead singer of Godsmack (Sully and i LUUURVE him so) so i started telling grandma out loud about my next tattoo (cool things like that lol) trying to sound like i was a groupie and he came and stood behind me (erm...rather close ) and invited me over to his house, saying his wife wouldn't mind (it must've been a really hot day lol)

Then pretty much went straight to me travelling on the bus down the road (don't know where i am in my dream) and getting off at this huge Uni and laying about in the yard with everyone then everyones teeth were getting wobbly and falling out one by one (no pain) and we starting just throwing them away, also while that was happening i think the air was really dry and my mouth couldn't move and i kept putting water on my lips and down my throat and i still couldn't talk.

Yes...i need more oxygen in my room lol

Anyone have weird dreams last night? Or is there one you can remember that's stuck with you for years? My longtime one is that i'm in my old house, i get up to go to the toilet, and when i come back, my bed is an operating table in the middle of the room, and the room is all cold and sterile. I climb into bed and then a faceless body (not like detailed hands and clothes, but almost like a mannequin) comes out from under the table and starts swinging at me with a baseball bat (or was it a machete) and i hide under the table screaming and wake up.

I had that dream once maybe 10 years ago, and i still remember it.

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I had two a couple nights ago that I thought were really weird.

The first one was set like 15 years in the future. We currently live on a farm in the country, but in the dream it was all built up and was a big city... and there was an auto place next door. In the dream there was a helicopter, and I could feel the wind from it as the propellers started up. The helicopter lifted off of the ground and then slowly lowered back down. Then Bruce Springsteen came out of the helicopter and started playing guitar. I could feel the wind from the helicopter getting even stronger, and it started lifting me off of the ground. I couldn't breathe, it was so strong... then it dropped me and I woke up right before I hit the ground in my dream.

Then I had one right after that, John and I were standing in the kitchen and he was holding a baby. He asked me to take her and I said "But I'm really busy right now, can you hold her for just another minute?". He said "I need to get outside, please take her."....... and then I said, "Well just put her in the microwave and I'll get her when I'm done".
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I love vivid dreams like that! I used to have a dream analysis book that tells you what some images could mean, but it's packed up somewhere. I still remember one I had when I was about 4 or 5. I was kidnapped by this guy and he kept me down in the basement. I could smell the musty basement smell, and it was cold and damp. He had a huge cauldron in the middle of the room (like the witches kind you see at halloween) and he was making spinach and was going to force me to eat it. Then he took my stuffed dog, Sabre 2 (my families dog was named Sabre so my stuffed dog was Sabre 2) and threatened to throw him in the pot too. I'm crying, of course. But, I just knew Speed Racer was going to save me.

I've had some really vivid ones, but not recently, unfortunately.
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My goodness! Very interesting dreams...

Here's one I had in high school that remains vivid in my mind: I'm in a restaurant and I overhear two men at another table talking about Filipino coins, and it's clear to me that this is a conversation about some kind of crime being committed, and it's dangerous for me to be hearing it. Just as I think that, the men look at me, and I get up to leave.

They follow me out onto the sidewalk of a small-town street lined with little shops. I dodge into a dark little shop of some kind where an older couple are standing behind a counter. "Is there a way out back there?" They point down a narrow hall to the back and I run, but then I think no, better if I hide in here. The hall is paneled in very old, dry wood, and there's a bathroom door with a little louvered section in the lower part. I think of hiding in there, but then go on to the next door, which opens onto a very plain bedroom.

There's a bed with a white blanket on it pushed sideways against the back wall of the building, and there's one large window in the wall above it -- but the window is high, because the back of the building is built into the side of a rise. The room is dim, with only indirect light from the window, and I hurry over and settle myself down sideways in between the bed and the wall, wedged in tight.

As I'm lying there, waiting to feel it's safe to come out, I see a shadow move across the bed and realize it's the legs of a man standing in the window above... and he has a long gun held across in both hands just above his knees. I stop breathing and stare at this shadow on the bedspread... and eventually, the legs move and walk away.

Whew. Scared me silly when I was 16.
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