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Joe, I missed all the drama...

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yesterday because I was glued to my tv watching the survivor marathon. I have noticed several threads like the one that offended you. there is one in the behavior section called 'my cat hates me' where someone posted about a problem, mentioned declawing their cat and got an immediate and negative reaction (for the most part). I'm sad to say that the girl who posted (i think her name was mandyred) has never posted again. there are alot of caring individuals here at this site, and she will never know that.

whenever I see a thread that talks about declawing I stay away from it and don't post. I disagree with declawing & didn't have my little girls declawed, but I don't feel that attacking someone has much effect, especially when the damage has been done. 9 times out of 10 when you come out swinging, the person whom you are trying to make a point with, shuts down and does not recieve the information you are trying to give. you wouldn't yell at a child when they do something wrong (or at least I hope you wouldn't) and you are trying to teach them the right thing.

one of the first posts I read when I got here was another thread on declawing where someone posted about a problem, mentioned that their cat was declawed, and they got pummelled. they responded back in the defense and again promptly left. I have never seen them post again.

Again let me state that I am opposed to declawing. I DO NOT condone it. I will NOT declaw my cats, but I believe that we can educate with out attacking.
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I believe it was my response to a declawing question that caused all the commotion among others. I got a little angry because instead of taking the time to train their cat, they mutilated her. They asked for understanding which I, to this day, will not give them. But that is now a moot issue. I have decided that from now on to stay away from voicing my opinion on that sore subject. It doesn't do any good and makes people not come back. Instead I will simply refer them to a link explaining the declawing procedure in great detail and let them be the judge. Because no matter what I say they're going to do what they want anyway. I'm glad Mr. Cat decided to stay. I would have felt awful if he left on account of me.
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AirPrincess, I agreed with everything you said, but also, Donna....please don't ever hesitate to voice your opinions....they are very much valued here....just try to do it in a nicer way!
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