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Zoey Piccies

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Thought it was about time I posted some more pictures of the fiesty little princess. She's doing very well, is in excellent health, and is extremely energetic. She's been going out in the mornings to play in the grass and weeds and in the trees with her siblings and cousins, since it's gorgeous in the mornings. In the afternoons she's in, sleeping and lounging around when it's hot outside. Her meowmy doesn't have alot of money to spend on toys and expensive food, but she is spoiled with love, and lots of it! She is hilarious, how fiesty she can be! She will attack your face or whatever part of your body is currently the closest without thinking twice, and she does not hesitate to use teeth and claws! But that is just her ferocious kitten energy. Once she settles down, she is such a precious little angel... We love her so much, and are thankful each and every day for her health, and for her mere being! She has brought so much laughter and love into our life, we are so grateful for her.

Look what I found in the waste paper basket! Guess I'd better toss it with the Livestock Weekly...

Zoey snoozing on our bamboo window blinds...

Our new kitty condo!

Zoey's new food bowl. (It says "me-ow" on the side, and there's a little silver fish charm.)

Zoey's new water bowl.

Zoey's new placemat/setup.

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She is adorable!!!
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She's a DOLL Baby I love her food bowl that is so cute
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Thanks you guys! She has blessed my life so much, I love her to death! : Bella: I thought so too! Figured it was time to upgrade from the little plastic joint-bowls that came with her litterbox.
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She is precious. Cute meal time set-up!
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Awww, she is so cute!
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OMG! She looks like such a sweetie!

I also love her dishes and mat. Very cute!
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Omg she is just so precious, what a cutie pie
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aww shes going up fast that little lady love her bowl
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