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Gggrrrr!!!! Don't you hate when

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your talking to a 'know it all', and when you try to get a question in, or a statement or something, and they just start talking louder and faster?

I think my boss just likes to hear his own voice!

If i look at him while he's talking, - he goes on and on- so i look out the window, etc. he walks over to where my line of sight is!!!!

So then, i think it's my turn to talk and he walks out of the room, while I'm talking!!!!!!!!!

It's like he has to be on stage or something!!!

(Maybe i should shut up, after all I am at work while I'm writing this!!!!)
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My boss is the same way. He'll ask a question and then start talking right over the top of you when you answer.

Sometimes I feel like asking him why he asked if he doesn't want to listen to the answer.

When he and the clerk start discussing something I just turn up my headphones. They are both talking at the same time and often about different things.
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Yes, you should be careful -- if you're at work, he can easily read whatever you post. Shhhhhhhhh...
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Sounds like an extremely rude man.
I'm very softly spoken, and have had to deal with people talking over me all my life. I try to speak louder, but it's like yelling, and it hurts my voice after a while.
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I think I know these people!!!
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The other irritating trait that these types like your boss share is that they will listen to those in roles above them. However, when they talk to you, they would rather talk "at you" and not care to listen to your opinion. So insulting and disrespectful.
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Thanks for sharing my pain guys!!
I have to keep telling myself, 'just put up with it Wendy, you're on The Cat Site almost all day after all!!!
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Arghhh I hate it when my friends do this...But the only good thing is that Im louder than they are so I can just yell and tell them to shut up!
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